The Black Perspective?

After reading various opinions about the AJC’s book section removal, I clicked around on several literary blogs. What did I find? Quite a few stiff people discussing books that I could care less about. So something in me said, where are all the black literary blogs? Who’s online reviewing Black literature or providing reviews of popular/classic literature from a Black perspective? After more searching and clicking I found a couple, but surprisingly not many.

My boyfriend has been on me about starting a grad school or literary blog for a minute now. This year alone I’ve read 15 books and that’s with a great deal of DVR/television watching in between. I keep a journal of everything I’ve read, but the most interesting part of that journal are the interviews I’ve found where the authors have an opportunity to explain where they’re coming from. I also enjoy seeing the various book covers that are produced over time or in other countries.

Well, moving all these thoughts, interviews, and photos here will be the challenge. I’m not going to start from the beginning, I’m going to start from the now. I look forward to sharing some of my opinions and hope to keep it up–if I don’t get too too busy in grad school.


One thought on “The Black Perspective?

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