Half-Price Books

I made a journey to Half-Price Bookstore the other day and was slightly disappointed with their choice of selections. I’ve convinced boyfriend to take another trip to the other locations with me this weekend though. Some people are crack fiends…well…we’re book fiends. He’s stingy with his books though. If I get near his bookshelf he’s all over my shoulder making sure I don’t take anything. My goodness. He knows where I live and that I take care of my books so you’d think he wouldn’t ack’ up so much. Even the books that I was allowed to actually borrow in the past were promptly removed from my house after he assured that I’d read the last page. Ain’t that something? I reached for one his one and only Hurston novel and I noticed his shadow towering over me. Then the usual voice chimed in asking me what I was doing. “I’ll buy you your own copy…put that back.” Of course, before I could, he’d already done it for me. 

Inspired by Wild Seed, I had a chance to pick up Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler. Unfortunately, this was the only selection the store had by her. They had one or two by Tananarive Due, but I wasn’t necessarily interested in the available titles. I did purchase one other thing. D’aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths. When I was a child I remember checking this book out from the library over and over. I enjoyed the stories just that much. As an adult, I always said if I saw the book at a discount bookstore, I’d get it. So now this cherised childhood book is officially amongst my collection–and I own it now so there is no return date.

By the way, once I finally reached the “good part” in Kite Runner, slumber came and I was instructed by the boyfriend (with his neverending workload) to go to bed. So I’m getting there, but sometimes sleep can be my #1 hater. “You think you gon’ read and it’s 10:00? You ain’t gon’ read. I’m shutting this thang down right now…I got cho’ Kite Runner…right behind these eyelids shawty.”


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