I finished Kite Runner! I’ll be back with the review tomorrow. I tried writing something today but I guess my mind isn’t on it. 

Today I purchased a few books from Half-Price that I’m excited about. Most of them are books that I should have read already, but haven’t (and they were all super cheap). I’m hoping to finish most of these titles before the fall. Song of Solomon will complete my collection of Morrison classics. Once that reading is complete I will officially be able to say I’ve read all of Morrison’s novels–the important ones anyway. So please consider these pretty book covers your commercial break until I return with my review tomorrow.


Yes, I know I have no business purchasing books right now. Especially since I’m preparing for a major move in the next couple of weeks. But…see…it’s kinda like the crack did to Pookie in New Jack. Lately, these books just be calling me man.

In reality, I’m just preparing my arsenal for grad school. They won’t be ready for me.