Kinda Reading…

I’ve been doing everything except reading. Well, I am reading, but only a few pages at a time. Again, the book is okay. I’m only on page 55–ready and willing to apply the 100 page rule when it’s time. The only thing that’s peaked my interest is the discussion of the novel L… by Nabokov (the name of the title has been removed due to unwanted porn traffic pouring into this website thanks to, which tells “the story of an obsession, told by the obsessed who happens to be a paedophile.” I remember seeing the film in college with a female friend of mine and actually enjoyed it. If nothing else, at least I’ll be able to add another classic to the list, although I actually planned on getting around to L… well before reading this Nafisi’s memoir.

Instead of providing my usual bit of information about the author or what inspires her to write, etc., I’ve decided to instead to provide you with a link to the excerpt.  Read on if you wish. Better yet, for my visual learners, watch the 1997 trailer on YouTube.


4 thoughts on “Kinda Reading…

  1. Naysue,

    Your boyfriend might have good intentions and all, but your blog is better when you read books you like.


    I hate the books my husband reads, and I know he isn’t “man” enough to read my books…

    Lookin’ forward to the next good book…

    ~Perceptive Lady


  2. Rashid, I figured you’d be around with your Kubrick comment. 😀

    Perceptive Lady, you know my boyfriend takes it personal that I didn’t finish his book. He said he’s not going to recommend anything else. I think that’s unfortunate because I know he has something else on his shelves that I would probably really enjoy.


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