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Today I attended a seminar where Angela Nissel discussed writing for television. She’s the author of the books Broke Diaries (which I read and loved) and Mixed. Nissel also started out as a staff writer for the television show Scrubs and is currently the Consulting Producer. She provided us with some really great information. You know I never post pictures of myself so feel the love.

Well, tomorrow is my final day of Hurston/Wright in Washington, D.C.. I haven’t seen any tourist attractions, but I have read about 250+ pages of stories from up and coming writers in my Building the Novel workshop. Tomorrow we will discuss my piece, so I hope they provide me with the type of feedback that I need to improve my work in progress.

Mat Johnson was the workshop leader this week and has provided us with unlimited knowledge on the publishing industry, agents, and even writing tips. I love his humor and honesty! I’ll be sure to post photos with the other workshop participants when I can. As you probably noted on the right column, I also look forward to reading Hunting in Harlem and Drop when I return home–I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read the books already. Shame. Shame. Shame. They’ve been on the reading list for some time, but after working with him this week, the books have finally reached priority status. Speaking of reading, I read the majority of Black Like Me on the plane. Keep an eye out for a review in the next few days.

When I go to sleep at night I just have to take a moment to thank God for blessing me with the chance to attend not one, but two writing workshops this summer. [/end religious rant] I also have to thank the boyfriend for motivating me and helping me in various ways. ZZ Packer and Mat Johnson have been wonderful with all the knowledge they’ve provided. I’m just so thankful. But I’m especially thankful for being to keep up with all the book/literary conversations that go on at these places.

Earlier today, Mat spent a little time reviewing other workshops we should consider attending in the future. With that in mind, I wanted to do a google search and add on to his list. For all you aspiring writers out there, this information is for you. I’ve also included a few other links of other things of interest. Please consider applying for more writing workshops and programs in the future. I’ve made so many connections and learned so many things. Obviously most of the deadlines have passed, but here are the links for next year. Please feel free to provide me with more links in the comments section:

Iowa Summer Writing Workshop

Callaloo (Texas A&M)

Pan African Literary Festival

Calabash International Literary Festival (not a workshop)

Breadloaf Writer’s Conference


Taos Summer Writing Conference

Gotham Writer’s Workshop

UCLA Extension

Hurston/Wright also has a few links on their website.

Writer Resources

Television Industry Talent Development Opportunities


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