Novelist Johnathan Plummer (McMillan’s Ex)

While visiting the More Than Words blog a few days ago, I learned some interesting news concerning Johnathan Plummer’s new publishing deal.

Some people have made comments on other sites noting that they will not purchase the book for whatever reasons. Should we consider Plummer to be taking advantage of the fame brought about from his former relationship with McMillan? I doubt it.

Now really, how many published writers can you think of who have taken advantage of relationships they’ve had with ‘famous’ people? If some media worthy event happened to you or a former associate of yours was ‘somebody,’ wouldn’t you try to write a book? Even Berry Gordy’s ex-wife would respond with a yes.

With all that said, will I read Plummer’s book? Nope. Will I read an excerpt? Well, yeah, but I’ll read almost anybody’s excerpt. I just don’t understand what the big deal is. She used their relationship for inspiration when writing How Stella Got Her Groove Back and used another personal relationship for Disappearing Acts. Why shouldn’t Plummer be allowed to make a little money? Plummer’s novel doesn’t even sound like it has much (I use the word loosely) to do with their past relationship, so what’s the real problem here? Read the book description for yourself:

Justin Blakeman is living an ordinary life in Jamaica, when vacationing Tasha Reynolds spots him selling sugar cane on the street. He, of course, has no idea that her modeling agency is fast becoming the hottest in the business. He plans to live the island life set out for him, stepping up to head the family sugar cane enterprise in time. In the ruthless modeling world, Tasha is a great white shark with an uncanny knack for finding blazing new talent in unusual places. She always gets what she wants and she wants Justin — whose hazel-green eyes, offset by dark chocolate skin, make her palms sweat, a sign that she is on to something. His perfect body and defiant attitude will make him a mega star. But soon, a relationship that began as strictly business crosses the line into a complex game of sexual desire and control. Their crazy, volatile bond — littered with dark influences from their pasts, complicated by ambition, and fueled by insatiable passion — is as combustible as relationships can get. And when Justin discovers a hidden hunger for a male model, the stakes are higher than ever.

I did find a notable response about all this on the Oh No Shelia Didn’t! blog. You won’t believe from who–Terry McMillan herself! While I don’t know if the comment written was fake, I did want to post it here. I hope Shelia won’t mind since I gave her site a shout out first.

Terry McMillan | August 10th, 2007 at 7:20 pm

Thank you all so much for ‘getting it’ and for not supporting this so-called novel. I’ve been reading some of these message boards just to get a sense of it all and on many levels it is so disheartening. I’ve been called ho’s and dumb bitch and made fun of and even accused of being aware that Jonathan was gay. I find it sad that some people seem to have found a great deal of joy and even pleasure from seeing me be publicly persecuted and humiliated by Jonathan. He has not stopped and I pray that intelligent people like those I’ve read on this website do not support this garbage because it is precisely why Simon & Schuster chose to pay Karen Hunter to write it. Everything he and his attorney and now a sleazy publisher have done has been to capitalize off of my misfortune. My novels have been written with love and out of love and in an effort to empower us as women. I am sick of being publicly punished by members of the gay community for what I said to my then so-called husband privately. It is also sad how some folks seem to get pleasure from someone else’s pain. Fame doesn’t make you immune. I wouldn’t wish any of what I’ve endured the past 2 years on anyone. It is also no accident that the title of this so-called novel is a play on my other title. However, one thing he is admitting and that is he certaining did a lot of balancing and he did a helluva lot of acting. My Mama didn’t raise a fool. And Jonathan, as young as he was, should be given an Oscar for his academy award 7 1/2 year performance. He fooled me. But God don’t like ugly.

I am offended by the book but mostly by Simon & Schuster. I will not read a single word of it. It was written to further humiliate me. Unfortunately, I’m not buying into it. They want me to yell publicly and make a fuss about this book so that I will help them sell it. My answer when asked by the media what my feelings or thoughts are about this so-called novel? It is the equivalent of a rapist writing about how he raped his victim, how much he enjoyed doing it, and how he compelled he was to show others how good he was at getting away with it. And Simon & Schuster are his brand new pimp. There is nothing sacred anymore.

What can be said about trust and gratitude and honor and dignity and integrity when it comes to ‘us’? I would never — nor would most of us who are decent human beings — do anything to maliciously and deliberately cause anyone — but especially someone I supposedly loved and cared about, any form of pain. Causing someone else to suffer intentionally says a lot. Some people get pleasure out of other folks pain and there is a word for it.

Please visit my website at and there you will find a long list of writers worth reading, many of whom are fine writers, not household names, and who deserve your support as much as I have appreciated it in the past.


Terry McMillan

The best way to fight this would be to publish a book of her own. She should have begun working on one as soon as she heard the news. It could have featured a similar story and publication date.

Of special note, Plummer’s novel might just reach the best-seller’s list. With Karen Hunter signed on as a co-author I’m sure the book will be interesting at least. Have you seen her bookography? These novels will provide further evidence that Plummer’s book won’t just get lost on the ghetto fiction shelves (at first anyway).

So um…what’s your next plan of attack for real, Terry? I’m just saying. I’m not defending your ex-husband, but why not let him do his thing?

Now let me go finish my book–or another episode of Prison Break. Decisions.


9 thoughts on “Novelist Johnathan Plummer (McMillan’s Ex)

  1. I agree with you Trenee. Don’t expect sympathy and support. Do something. She really should be plotting as we speak. Instead she’s leaving messages on blogs and checking message boards. Something ain’t right about that.


  2. I stick by my original statement, this book should have never been allowed to be printed. In her defense, she has nothing to prove. This man has shown time and time again he’s out for self (and I’m using a nice word) so personally, I won’t be supporting it. I can empathize because I’m a writer and a woman and although I’m not at her status, men who find out that I am one automatically assume I have money and you should see how they do a 360. I make it a point to not tell folks I write because I don’t want special treatment. Treat me like you would normally. When I do let someone in my personal space, I expect honesty, loyalty, respect and everything else that comes along with it. When it’s over, it should be over. Quite frankly if this was my ex, I would be pissed. Because none of my exes can write.


  3. Shelia, I say let Plummer’s sales do the talking. If it never should have gone into print, then the proof will be in the sales numbers. I think some people will be curious enough to buy it. Look at Steffans and Carmen Bryan.


  4. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing. Maybe not now–but in the future.
    We are welcoming John to speak with us–about the good and the wonderful–minus the drama.
    If Miss McMillan would like to do the same…here we are. To the wonderfully talented–let’s all keep our composure.


  5. I loved the movie. I decided to check out the story. And I was shocked at what I have found. First of all, she should have not robbed the cradle. That is sick. (My thoughts and feelings) Second of all, he knew he was gay. You don’t wake up one day and say, holy cow, I am gay today. You are either or you’re not. I don’t deny that he used her, but she put herself in the line to be used. Get a life, grow up. Stop the whinning. She says that she writes books on self help, picking yourself up. Yet all I have heard or read about is poor little me. You’re rich, can have any man you want. And instead you choose to have a child. That’s all for me. Have a good day, Lee.




  7. Balancing Act was released in paperback….you go Jonathan. Sistuhs need to pick up this book read it, heed it, cuz you need it! We need to start loving our bruthas who are struggling with their sexual identity. Yes, they are our sons, brothers, and our fathers.
    Karen Hunter put her foot in this….Jonathan did not write this all by himself, but he allowed his name, likness, and story to be used in a responsible way. I can’t wait for the sequel.


  8. I fill like all these people judgeing her is wrong that is not our place to judge anybody so stop only god can do his job best you do not know what she is going threw


  9. I’m a Jamaican woman and I would never support that hellish creature, in the form of a man, named Johnathan Pllummer whose deceit caused another woman pain.
    How many more lying homosexuals like him are in the world who day in and day out trick women by pretending to be straight men married to them or dating them?
    What a horrifying thought about the UNDERCOVER/DOWN-LOW men like Johnathan. Someone should take him out!


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