Update: Terry McMillan

On my way to school, I had a moment to browse the recent issue of Essence magazine. Recognizing that I created a post on Terry McMillan just days ago, I found an interesting update in the contributors section that I wanted to inform you all about.

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the next drama-filled installment from award-winning author Terry McMillan, just stay tuned. She’s currently working on a memoir called Don’t Pity the Fool: A Chronicle of Deception and Divorce Hell, as well as a novel that revisits the women from Waiting to Exhale 15 years later.

That’s what I’m talking about, Terry! Forget what your ex-husband is doing. Do your thing. He can write a book, but you can write a better one (I hope). Do your thing. Now, the real question is will people read what she’s written? I think so…it is Terry McMillan…but what do I know?

I haven’t flipped ahead to the actual interview with Scott just yet, but if there’s anything worth mentioning, you know I’ll be back with the scoop.


2 thoughts on “Update: Terry McMillan

  1. Its a great article. Since you love to read, check out Charge It to the Game by Michele Fletcher. Its on the Essence Sept. best sellers list.


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