Ok, don’t try to read into this post for anything more than what it is. As usual, I’m late on this. Have any of you heard of the Orgasmic Diet? Well, I was doing my usual bookstore browse and sometimes I wander into sections that I wouldn’t typically browse in. I came across this book and was like, are they serious? I flipped through a few pages and then went home and did a Google search. Needless to say, I was quite surprised by the number of women who sing this books praises. And the author has a web forum where she answers women’s questions and offers additional feedback (in a timely fashion no less).

So what is this diet really all about? Besides the obvious, right? It definitely isn’t about losing weight, although it has been noted that some women have actually done so. Here’s what the publisher says about this book:

For the millions of women unable to reach orgasm, or for those who want to improve their sex lives, here is an easy-to-follow diet and exercise plan to bring women to orgasm for the first time … and every time they have sex.

In January, 2006, Elle magazine ran the feature “Happy Ending,” introducing Marrena Lindberg as the creator of The Orgasmic Diet. In this book, Lindberg offers a groundbreaking nutrition and exercise program designed to regulate a woman’s brain chemistry and body functioning and bring her to mind-blowing orgasm. The Orgasmic Diet includes four simple parts, including:

· A diet low in carbohydrates that avoids “orgasm killers” like refined sugar and caffeine
· High doses of fish oil supplements
· Internal exercises that go far beyond Kegels
· Maintenance of serotonin and dopamine levels

Unlike other orgasm books out there, which focus on new positions to try or psychological issues, here is the first-ever scientifically supported nutritional and exercise method to improve female libido and orgasmic ability, and a must-have guide for any woman looking to take her sex life to a whole new level.

Why not read an excerpt? And yes, I was curious enough to order a copy from Amazon, just for fun. A few other women I spoke to said they’d heard about it and…we’re all curious. What are the alternatives? If you have your suspicions, the author answered a few questions on the Everything & Nothing website (go there for more):

Could you get similar results by extensive kegeling?

Kegeling does not work very well. A couple women who did hundreds of Kegels a day were astonished to find out how weak their muscles were using resistance. I frequently use the analogy of weightlifting. The PC muscles are muscles, like your biceps are muscles. Invalids can build up their biceps simply by flexing their arms, but to really put on muscle you need resistance. That’s why I recommend using a resistance device. I prefer the Gyneflex device because it’s more comfortable and easier to clean, but the Kegelmaster 2000 will work too. However many women have gone on my diet and not done the exercises. The diet alone will improve libido but it will not improve vaginal orgasmic ability. I strongly recommend the exercises.

What would you think would be the most likely culprit if someone followed your diet but did not notice any of the effects?

There have been some women who have not responded, and I certainly would like to know why. I think the most likely cause is low total testosterone. The diet helps improve free testosterone by lowering sex-hormone-binding globulin, but it needs a pretty good level of total testosterone to start off. The diet does help somewhat with that, but some women with endocrine problems might need to see a doctor for hormone replacement therapy, if blood tests show low total testosterone. The diet works very well in tandem with testosterone supplementation.

Happy reading, ya’ll.