Well, I saw The Kite Runner film yesterday and let’s just say that it wasn’t “amazing” or “great.” I didn’t cry nor was I torn to pieces. I will say that the film adaptation is definitely one that would be better appreciated by viewers who have actually read the book. During the viewing of the film several people in my theater walked out. Now, this could be because lazy Americans don’t like reading numerous subtitles or it could be because the movie just wasn’t that interesting. If you’re looking for extended action or passionate love scenes, this is not the film for it.

What TKR film did present was exactly what the words on the pages of the book expressed. In other words this is the unabridged version. While one or two scenes may have been omitted for the movie, they are not necessarily missed. When one reads a great book and finds themself thrilled by the notion of a visual recreation via film, they want to see if the things they imagined in their minds will show up on the screen. Unfortunately, part of that excitement is also seeing things that you didn’t imagine as well. There were no flashbacks in this movie. If a character told a story of the past, you simply sat there and watched them tell it. This is my main issue.

Interestingly enough, the feelings I had for the characters and various scenes in the book easily transfered over to the movie. The same message and themes are still received, and if one needed to avoid reading the book for class, this movie would definitely provide the necessary elements to pass a test (or answer questions in general). Overall, good story . . . very few thrills. I have no rating for it. It wasn’t good, it wasn’t great, and it wasn’t bad. It simply provided the visual details for a great book–visuals my mind already accuratley provided during my reading.