So US News and World Reports wants folks to pay $9 for less than a paragraph of “best graduate schools” knowledge, right? I will admit that they offer you 3 schools for free, but really. Who’s interested in seeing somebody’s top 3 list? This ain’t the olympics! Well, I browsed a reference copy available at my school library and paid .10 for the page I wanted to see. For anybody else searching for this sort of thing, and especially for those who desire it to be Cinque style . . . “fwee” . . . here you go:

Top Ten Graduate Programs for AfAm Lit

  1. Harvard University (MS)
  2. Princeton University(NJ)
  3. Duke University (NC)
  4. Yale University (CT)
  5. U of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  6. Columbia University (NY)
  7. University of California – Berkeley
  8. Cornell University (NY)
  9. Univ. of Maryland – College Park
  10. University of Virginia

Unfortunately, you’ll have to Google the links for yourself. Oh yeah, and this information is based on the 2007 version–like so much changes in a year’s time. The same schools are usually in the top 5 anyway.

Happy researching, ya’ll!