Up Ye Mighty Race!

Things like the video above make me proud. As someone who makes healthy eating decisions (for the most part anyway), I’m glad to see that some of us are wising up. I’m still working on converting my family and boyfriend. The boyfriend isn’t so hard, but momma likes her beef, grease, and butter. She will claim otherwise, but I’ve seen her in action.On another note, as part of my assistantship I have the opportunity to work with an African-American woman who really inspires me to do my black literary thing. Please note I have a great deal to learn. Well, she recently assigned me to do a bit of research for her that involved gathering information on black Ph.D. statistics nationwide and within the department. Here’s a link for the national statistics:

“Proportion of U.S. Doctorates Earned by Minority Students Grew in 2006, Report Says”

Normally, I hate racial statistics, especially when they attempt to prove that black people can’t get it together. Well, these say something a little different. But of course, there’s still more work to be done. Get yours.

Happy reading, ya’ll.



3 thoughts on “Up Ye Mighty Race!

  1. No it isn’t enough with just aggregate numbers. The number of minorities has increased over the last ten years, so the raw number of people graduating with PhDs has as well. If the percentage or rate of minorities getting PhDs is unchanged, then there isn’t really any progress.

    It’s like making an extra $1200 a year and your rent going up $100 a month.


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