I recall my mother using the word geechy when I was younger. Based on context clues I always assumed that geechy meant bright skinned girls with long hair. Especially when my mother used the word in sentences such as “Your brother always did like those geechy girls.” While reading one of my articles from my Ethnography of Narrative course, someone used Geechy in a way that I hadn’t considered. So I chuckled to myself wondering . . . what does geechy really mean? You know I had to look it up online! Of course there’s the Gullah definition, but that would be geechie or geechee, not geechy (as so noted). So, what exactly did my mother mean when she used the word?

According to the Urban Dictionary (no, I didn’t consult Webster or Wiki for this one), Geechy means:

A person that is country/Southern to an extreme. Typically a very country person of African-American decent from the Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama areas but they can dwell in other states as well.

Trick Daddy
I’m a ol’ sneaky, ol’ freaky, ol’ geechy-ass nigga
Collard green, neckbone-eatin-ass nigga
Always wearin my jeans baggy saggy
You know Florida, Georgia, South Cakalaky

Funny that they used Trick Daddy as a reference, huh? I guess if you have an urban dictionary, you should be required to use urban references.

Do you agree with this definition? If so (or if not), you can click the Urban Dictionary link and give it a thumbs up or down. As of today, 57 people agree and 37 people don’t. People are so difficult to please.

I conclude this post with Cab Calloway’s “Geechy Joe” (1941).