My big sis informed me today that G. Garvin just released a new cookbook. I’m a big fan of Garvin’s previous book and use it semi-regularly for my boyfriend. My sister and I even make it our business to cook a few recipes when I visit during the holidays and such. Between her and my boyfriend we’ve made the crab cakes, french toast, bow tie pasta and chicken, and we’ve even “shocked” a few vegetables. The list goes on I’m sure.

This Valentine’s day I plan on making my boyfriend a “gourmet” meal right from G. Garvin’s pages. Garvin’s ingredients can get a little expensive (that’s reason enough to call it gourmet in my eyes), and I will admit that I had no clue what a shallot was or what half the herbs looked like that some of recipes call for. And if you know G. Garvin, you know he loves using those shallots and fresh herbs. Now you should check me out easily able to identify and explain the uses and flavorings for certain items. G. Garvin really gets down! I seriously might have to check out the new cookbook before Valentine’s day.

Have you seen G. Garvin’s website? He’s such a cutie. And check out a few of his online recipes, although I will admit that the directions aren’t as well written as the ones in his cookbook.