Grace After Midnight by Felicia “Snoop” Pearson

I’m not hating, but I need you to be able to effectively read aloud whatever book you claim to have written. Second, if your book is sold out in your home city, can you remind folks to go on Amazon and do reviews? Not that reviews are necessarily make or break, but dang. If a bunch of people bought your book, I need you to have more than 18 reviews! And didn’t I see this book on Essence‘s bestseller list? Somebody tell me I’m wrong.

Now that’s all I have to say about it since I don’t want her whoopin’ my ass. I would also like to add that while I don’t own a copy of this book, I’ve seen it on quite a couple “Best of” lists, so . . .

Excerpt:I was born in Baltimore twenty-seven years ago, and then I died—twice. I died both times because my mother was filled with drugs and so was I. Crack babies are messed-up babies, and, according to what the doctors were saying, I didn’t have a prayer.

But they brought me back from death’s door. Someone or something keeps bringing me back from death’s door. I don’t understand it, but maybe writing this book will help me see who I was and who I became. Sometimes I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine myself back then:

A little-bitty baby small enough to fit into the palm of the doctor’s hand, no bigger than a puppy or kitten; a baby who has to be fed with an eye dropper ’cause her mouth is too small for the nipple of a bottle; a baby born cross-eyed due to the drugs running through her system.

A baby born to die. But that same doomed-to-die baby finds a way to live.

How? Why? Sure wasn’t because of Mama. Mama was Loretta Chase. The woman may have wanted me—I can’t know that for sure—but I do know that she couldn’t care for me. Later I learned that Mother was the kind of lady that always kept a drug dealer around to fill her needs. She could do that because she had a pretty face, long wavy hair, and a fine figure. Men flocked to her. My daddy ran from her—or she chased him off. I never did get the story.

I didn’t get a lot of the stories about my real parents. They’re ghost figures in my childhood. I saw them in my dreams when I was a little girl. Sometimes they creep back into my dreams now that I’m a grown woman, but they’re always covered in mystery.

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27 thoughts on “Grace After Midnight by Felicia “Snoop” Pearson

  1. Apparently your mother never told you that if you have nothing nice to say…say nothing. The woman’s reading style is what it is. Had she had a proper start in life chances are she would read your butt under a table….just blow you away. Let’s support one another, as people. Either buy the book and educate yourself or just shut it up!

    A big fan of Snoop and proud of her.


  2. I feel you in a way!!! It’s not right that essence mag, or vibe has not gave her a chance to speak on her book. The book is great, I feel she should be on more TV besides youtube and these little interview places. She is a good actress and should get more respect from a wide variety of media!!!! As far as her reading goes I agree it is what it is lol


  3. I doubt there are many people who fail to utter a single negative word in a day. For Snoop to be someone who didn’t have a “proper start in life,” she was certainly able to pen a book. Good for her. Now maybe if she read a few more books she would be able to step her reading game up. Snoop should spend more time educating herself (as you advised me), then she can write another book AND read it aloud with ease. Glad to see you’re a supporter of Snoop. What other literary artists do you support? I would hate to assume.


  4. I just wanna say i read her book and she did aspire me in so many ways. our lives might not be the same but i can relate to her. i would love to meet her one day, i think she’s hot. she is so beautiful.far as here speech i love it. everyone don’t talk the same and no one speech is perfect and for her to just jump right into the acting world is a amazing thing and i wish her well in everything she do and wanting to do




  6. Unfortunately, Felicia does not check this website, but I’m certain that she’s thankful for fans like you, Denise. Her reading skills obviously only matter to real haters like me. I need to get it together.


  7. Know what? It’s sad to say that in 2008 we still have sisters trying to drag sisters down. It is always interesting to me the motives of someone who goes out of their way to belittle someone else. I mean, I’m sure this website doesn’t pull itself up! Sounds like somone with alot of free time….tooo much! Not many friends huh? How would you feel if someone took one of your weaknesses and put it on blast? Know what? They probably already have…..that’s your problem! Please take time to get a grip on past experiences of getting teased and beat up in school!


  8. Oh yeah, I’m glad you know what websites Snoop checks…or does not check. Sounds like you are more of a fan than even you would like to admit. Think you could reply with a list of sites she does visit. A sarcastic response would be sooo predictible…very predictible! :0) Go ahead…reply! I could use the satisfaction.


  9. Ruby —

    you to say that this sista has a lot of free time (like free time is the worst thing in the word) – but you sure did make the first comment at 7:12 & then came back at 7:20. looks to me like you have a lot of free time too.

    but i agree that perhaps her judgement on Snoop was a bit unfair. i’m sure she had some help writing the book. BUT – it was positive that naysue featured it on her site.


  10. The comments on this post have truly become out of hand. If you read my responses you will note that I obviously respect Snoop for writing a book. Again, good for her. I featured the book, an excerpt, and a suggestion that more people create Amazon reviews. None of this includes dragging sistahs down, in my opinion.

    The girl can’t read–who’s disputing that? Are we not supposed to address such issues? Are we not allowed to talk about things like that? If not, then I would say that such is the REAL problem with sistahs. Does it matter that Snoop doesn’t read books because she’s had a tough life? Is that the excuse? Is being a poor reader because you had a tough life acceptable now days? As someone who worked with learning disabled students for three years, I say no.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for being so passionate about defending Snoop. But I ask, can we move on now? It’s just not that serious.


  11. It seems to me that personal feelings always seem to override the actual issues at hand. Me personally, I’m not sure whether or not Ms. Felicia has a legitimate reading issue or not. However, if we are on a website that addresses ummm…I don’t know…BOOKS, then definitely her reading ability or disability, is fair game. I don’t feel as if Ms. Naysue is setting a personal attack on Felicia, but as the saying goes “it is what it is.” The author of this site has chosen to do her job as a critic and do what critics do. All personal feelings aside please…

    Let’s talk about something more important. I’m more concerned with that fact this Ms. Felicia, goes by the name of “Snoop”. How dare her. How come no one said anything about her stealing someone else’s name and trademark? Hmmmmm? Last time I checked, there’s only “SNOOP”! LOL! Fa shizzle Dizzle! Holla


  12. At the end of the day it’s your blog and you can do what you want. You have the right to have an opinion!! Besides, if they study your previous postings they’ll get a better sense of your personality and how you feel about certain subject matters.

    Because I know you it doesn’t surprise me that you would comment about her reading abilities. I would have too, along with that manly walk and hair style of hers.

    She should want to learn to read better. Being able to write a book doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement in other areas of your life. Nor does it mean that you’ve arrived and that “you don’t have to change for anybody.”

    Personally, I would have hired someone to help me read better or enrolled in a free local program. Wouldn’t you? Maybe that’s why Essence and some of the other media outlets that feature successful writers haven’t asked her to do more appearances. It would be embarrassing not only for her, but the company as well–at least in my eyes it is.


  13. That’s a WOMAN?!?? Holy shit! I’m done. okay, I digress. Honestly, it doesn’t take a good reader to have someone else pen your thoughts. I guess maybe she(?) had a ghost writer or something. AND I’d assume, that she hasn’t probably read her(?) book before. That would make it pretty hard for her to read, as well.

    Do I think she(?) should have rehearsed a bit before coming on television and showing the world how little apt she is at reading? Maybe, but i can’t say that would have helped.

    in any event, I wish the best for her.


  14. i think it’s a good book even though i haven’t read it i think people should read her book everything she went through in her life her being a lesbian she is not ashamed for who she is or what she is. she doesn’t have to apologize for that i think it’s great and brave to express to everyone how she turned her life around being in prison a crackbaby and her being gay i applaud her for that no one should judge her for who she is. i have never seen that show the wire but i heard it’s good.


  15. Snoop…let me start with the fact that I thinkj she is beautiful, inside and out. She will be an inspiration to many and an outcast to others. Thus is life. Loved by most…hated by many. Fact remains, what happened has happened and she is doing all that she can to show and prove the changes that have taken place in her life (mind, body and soul). You can look at her and alomost feel her pain and want to just reach out and give her a hug or just sit there and listen to her speak, maybe even shed a tear ot two. Everyone goes through something at some point in their lives BUT it’s up to that person to make the necessary changes and steps in their life to make things better. She is obviosuly doing all that she can and has to do and she is now trying to prove herself worthy of this life NOW as a woman just as she did as a young girl on the streets of B’more. At who’s discretion is one given a second chance in life? Last I heard, it was the man above and not MAN himself!!!!


  16. The book sounds like a very inspiring book. I honestly can’t believe she endured soo much pain but yet she’s where she is. I”m from b-more nd i support her all the way. Yeah maybe her speech is not as good as it should be but @ the same time we gotta understand she’s from the streets and it is what it is. SHe’s a crazy actor 4 someone who had no experience nd she sooo real she dosn’t hide how she feels. for her 2 talk about her issues publicly nd her sexuality we gotta give it 2 her. i persoally would not even have the strength to do something like that if i went through all that. Since i read her story i got mad respect 4 her.


  17. First of all, Felicia “Snoop” Pearson did NOT, in fact, physically write this book. During an interview she said that she carried a mini-recorder around with her everywhere. She used it to orally capture her memoirs. Then her stories and memories were compiled into a readable book by David Ritz. He’s done the same thing for many, many entertainers including Elvis (in conjunction with Priscilla and Lisa Marie), Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and Don Rickles. I think everyone is in agreement that Felicia’s story is admirable regardless of the role that luck has played in her success. There is no doubt that she is in a position to influence and motivate young people who may be headed down a path of destruction. However her impact could be even greater if she were more articulate and able to convincingly recite from her own book. She has mentioned that her current training at the Baltimore School for the Arts includes improving her speech prowess and learning to lose the heavy Baltimore accent on command. Hopefully she is also working on her reading skills. She has plans for “writing” future books that tell the stories of other kids from the streets. I look forward to them!


  18. i repeat yall bitches need to get a life and stop being a hater cause no reading skills or not she still make more money than you do so up ya game


  19. I love this gurl and her courage and I always will!. It doesn’t matter whether she pawned her personal touches throughout this book, or whether she dictated it to someone who could write it for her, it is still her story and she has it like that, at least for now! I know that the Almighty set her aside to be a blessing to those who have lost hope about life!


  20. to this book is very educational to the teens living that life. I am that person beside the drugs and guns. She really open my eyes. Some people just need to learn how to hating on people that doing good for herself.


  21. i like the book because it talks about things that is going on in this word that us young people go through. i learned alot from reading this book and i hope she writes another one.


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