Feast of All Saints vs. The Courage to Love

The Courage to Love (TCL) is such a bad movie that I decided to blog about it . . . as it plays in the background. I recently watched The Feast of All Saints (FAS) and thought they did a good job of capturing the time period and the elite Quadroon society as they try to maintain/understand their status. The film cast includes Jennifer Beals, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Pam Grier, Jasmine Guy, James Earl Jones, Eartha Kitt, Ben Vereen, and Forrest Whitaker. I only listed out all the names because I figured the cast is argument enough for why this is a movie worth viewing. Besides, this Showtime film is based on an actual (Ann Rice) novel, unlike the other movie.

TCL stars Vanessa William, Diahann Carroll, and Cynda Williams. See, when you see Cynda Williams’ name you instantly get suspect, right? Remember her in 1998’s Caught Up with Bokeem Woodbine? That’s another name that raises an eyebrow. Bokeem is one of the most non/overacting actors out there. The 97 minutes invested in Caught Up–I’ll never get that time back! Bad acting feeds off of surrounding characters and that movie proved it.

Getting to the point, TCL and FAS both kinda cover the same Quadroon topic. Except, one film does a better job of demonstrating the realities of slavery, the physical and mental costs of maintaining life in elite (free even) Black society, and that such a society even existed during that time period. TCL is not that film, especially since they toss in religious elements for fun. Also worth noting, is the fact that TCL has no cast, the script is a bore, and the acting could use better coaching. Williams does a poor job of carrying this film and when Carroll makes an attempt to save the movie, her overacting only adds to its failure (reminds you of Bokeem). They were wise about Cynda Williams’ character though, they kept her lines to a minimum. Just let her look pretty. Sign her check.


7 thoughts on “Feast of All Saints vs. The Courage to Love

  1. I’m just curious to know whether or not you understand that the story is based on the life of an actual person… Mother Henriette Delille, a free Creole of color who became a nun and founded the order of nuns, “Sisters of the Holy Family”. I’m just wandering whether or not you knew this was a true story especially considering your comments about the “religious elements”. Though I think I might, mildly, agree on you with the choice of casting of this film, I have to include that the purpose of the movie was not to demonstrate the “realities of slavery” but rather to focus on the life of a woman who we, in the Creole community, cherish and hold dear to our hearts. This movie only briefly describes and gives an account of only a FEW things that this woman went through on her journey. It hardly does her justice as many autobiographies do (i.e. The Rosa Parks’ Story…GOD I loved that one too but hardly does the womant justice.)but it’s good enough to get the point across. It’s focus was not that of plâcage, or slavery, but more intimately, her experience with them.


  2. Thank you so much for clearing that up for everybody. Unfortunately, the movie was so dull that in the mist of all my yawning, I must have missed the “based on a true story” line. Again, your comment is appreciated.


  3. Ben Vareen? James Earl Jones? Forrest Whitaker? NONE of these men look like Creole men, they look BLACK. Then look at the actresses? Jasmine Guy? Jennifer Beals? Gee, all MIXED looking women. Look I’m Creole, and I DO NOT appreciate this crap, this erasing of my DARK BLACK female ancestors and my LIGHTSKINNED/WHITE male ancestors to fit into this modern-day “All men dark/ALL women light/White” ethos fantasy garbage that the Black community pushes nowadys! That’s NOT my heritage! Black Creole society was formed by BLACK women and WHITE males, NOT vice-versa, and MOST of the males of those uniuons came out LIGHTSKINNED. THAT’S the REALITY, period, END OF STORY. Save your little Black male ego-carresing fantasys for the garbage they are and keep them AWAY from my goddamned heritage!


    • Your not creole lol not every creole is light it’s thinking like that that has MY culture going nowhere because you think they HAVE to be light…smh -_-


    • And besides fats domino ain’t light and he’s creole! Man there is NO way your creole they don’t look creole, they look black? Wtf?!? If you truly are creole then you would know that we aren’t a race, but a culture that “Creoles” like you are trying to get rid of with your ignorance, damn you!


  4. These kinds of dialogues make it harder for black people, especially black women to come together. The person who posted this was only giving critics on movies and somehow the conversation turns into some off topic “shade” sensitive debate. Not all Creole people have to be light skinned. Some are dark skinned and some are white. Creole is just a descriptive word used to describe the French American background. Instead of trying to bite each others’ heads off, why not try to educate each other so that we can reach common ground?


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