VONA & Cuernavaca, Mexico

ZZ PackerLast summer I had the opportunity to attend two fiction writing workshops, including Hurston/Wright in D.C. and VONA in San Diego. I met some amazing up and coming writers (some of which I still communicate with) and had a chance to receive feedback on my work from Z.Z. Packer and Mat Johnson.

This year, if you’re considering attending a writing workshop, I highly recommend VONA–and they’ve even extended their application deadline. If you’re a fiction writer like myself, this years workshop leaders include Chris Abani and Junot Diaz. Can you really beat that? Check this link for more information on VONA.

So what am I doing this summer besides reading and working on my fiction? I am heading to Cuernavaca, Mexico to attend a language institute. I have a language requirement that I must pass when I return and I haven’t taken a Spanish course in over 10 years. I’m assuming that three months alone in Mexico should do the trick. I doubt I’m wrong. Be sure to view the videoclip if you’re curious about any of this.

Happy reading, ya’ll.


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