Terrance Dean: Guess Who’s Gay

Karrine Steffans, Carmen Bryan, and even Alana Wyatt did it. Even some white chick by the name of Savannah Jahvall. When you sleep with a celebrity (or two or three or four), these women have proven that you can profit from the experience in more ways than one. But how does one take it a step further? How about by combining two popular themes? Sexual exploits with celebrities—and living on the down low. Steffans set the mold: tell the juicy details and omit the names (well, she did omit a few anyway). Now it’s Terrance Dean’s turn to dish the dirt on encounters with down-low celebrities in his recent book release Hiding in Hip Hop: On the Down Low in the Entertainment Industry — from Music to Hollywood. Check out the Time magazine Q&A excerpt:

Where do you keep your list of names and corresponding fake names?

[Laughs] Writing the book of course I had to keep my notes. I am a journalist, first and foremost. I used to write for the New York Sun and the Tennessean. I keep notes and I have those in a very safe place. [Laughs] To make sure I don’t forget who’s who because I knew I had to change everyone’s name. Yes.

Do you think at any point you would reveal any of those names? Why or why not?

No. I didn’t write this book as a way to demean or out anyone or to do damage to anyone’s careers. I think or I hope first and foremost that [people] can understand and recognize that this is my memoir. It is a memoir of my life as a down-low man in the entertainment industry. I wrote it with the intention of hoping to provide a voice for not only myself but a lot of people who are in the industry or are struggling with their sexuality but also those people who are down-low men or gay men who are looking to get into the business and they can’t. It’s been really empowering — the experience of writing this book and knowing that I didn’t have to out anyone to do that or to tell that type of story.

You’ve written books about empowering men of color, so how do you think this book empowers men?

The great thing is because in writing my book, I was able to find my voice, a true voice that I had hidden for so long. Because as I talk about in the book I was sexually assaulted at the age of 13 by a male next-door neighbor and that incident traumatized me. I came from a dysfunctional family where my mother was a prostitute, she was a heroin addict and then my mother became infected with the HIV virus and she passed it to my baby brother and they both died from the AIDS virus. I had another brother who was also sexually assaulted when he was in a group home and he was infected with the AIDS virus and he later died. All of these different types of things that occurred throughout my life, all these challenges and all these obstacles I felt was a universal story within the black community — the community of color. So hopefully this story will empower them.

How do you respond to people who question how true or accurate your accounts in this book are in light of recent news that several high-profile memoirs have been found to be mostly or partly untrue?

Two things. One, is that I have over 10-plus years working in the industry, which anyone can verify — both my name, and call any of the companies I’ve worked for. I’ve worked for major companies and corporations in the production field such as MTV, BET, Warner Brothers. I name all of the films and the projects in the book. Anyone who is resourceful can verify that information. There are some things you definitely can’t [fake] in the entertainment industry because there are production records. The great thing, as you said, in light of the memoirs that have been proven to be false or fabricated, Simon and Schuster, the legal team got involved and verified a lot of the information in my book, to protect themselves but also to protect myself.

Was it difficult for them to verify the information because of the down-low status of many of those mentioned in the book?

Well, again, a lot of the people I mention in the book, I don’t disclose their status. I don’t name any names, so people can come to a conclusion of who they think the person is that I may be describing in the book. The legal team at Simon and Schuster, I was forthright in letting them know certain names of people who I knew, so they were able to verify the information on their end.

So Simon and Schuster editors do know some of the names?

Yes. [Laughs] But we’re not naming names. (Read more . . . )

So, I’ve searched around for a few excerpts. Honestly, I believe Wendy Williams said it best, “I’m almost bored with the topic . . .” For those of you who need to see for yourself, here’s what I found on various websites.

Excerpt 1 (source Sister 2 Sister):

Once I visited the video set of “Mario,” one of the biggest rappers to hit the scene. His rough persona and lengthy criminal past caused many women and some men to lust after him. My boy worked for the label and they were in Los Angeles shooting Mario’s next single. While we waited for them to set up the scene for the next shot, Mario and his entourage were in his trailer drinking and smoking weed.

By the time the well-built rapper and his entourage emerged, he strolled past me with a smirk on his ashy face, letting me know he was running things. As I looked at the young women surrounding him, I observed that they were not real women, they were transvestites. They definitely could pass for real women, though.

I asked my friend, “Does Mario know those women are not women?” “Please. Yes, he knows. They’ve been with him since he got in town.”

Mario was the same man who was named by MTV as one of the greatest rappers of all time and lambasted gay men in his lyrics. He had one number one album after another. He often called out other rappers for being soft, feminine and gay and yet he found comfort in the arms of a transvestite.


Excerpt 2 (source SOHH.com):

According to Terrance Dean, his friend Sandy was working on a new movie that had major stars in it. The lead was “Lucas,” who is a black megastar. No matter what film project he was attached to it was bound to be a box office smash. In Hollywood, he is considered a golden boy and very bankable. However, there were already many rumors swirling about his sexuality and even though he is married, it was hard for him to shake those pesky gay rumors.”You’re not going to believe this,” Sandy said when I called her. “What’s going on?” “Well, the crew is taking bets on Lucas. “What type of bets?” “Since we’ve been filming, his boy ‘Kareem’ comes by every day and they go into the trailer.” “So what?” I said. “No, Kareem comes by and they are up in the trailer doing their thing.”

Kareem is a leading sitcom actor, married to an actress. They both have appeared in movies but Lucas in the breakout sensation. His boy Kareem, however, found success in television as a leading actor.

The crew’s bet was based on how often Lucas “boyfriend” would show up and how long he would stay. It was like clockwork; Kareem arrived each day at the same time and went straight to the trailer for hours on end. The bets grew larger and larger.

When I moved to Los Angeles and got into the DL world, our clique was talking about the downlow circle Lucas and Kareem were in-which I wanted to be a part of. But it was a hard nut to crack; they were superstars.

Still looking for more? Excerpt 3 and Excerpt 4. Sigh.

Happy reading, ya’ll.


37 thoughts on “Terrance Dean: Guess Who’s Gay

  1. plleassssssssse stoppppp lying!!!!!!!!!!!! damnnnnnnn!
    yall taking this down low shit to another level,stop it!that man is not gay.


  2. i think…..page 106 junior is “sean wayne”….corey is “danny boy” eli is “dre”…..flynn is “tyson beckford”….craig is “method man”….maybe help me out im going crazy trin 2 find this out!!!!!!!!!!


  3. This is all so very scarey. To know that there are so many Black Men in the closet on the down low. It just goes to show that “everything that glitters aint gold”. I just encourage Black Women to become wise. Check out these men and their friends.
    I have a good gay male friend who always look my dates over and does a reading for me. He was right about one guy.


  4. Just wanted to talk about the guy that he met at a party while in the long distance relatationship with “Derby”.
    Well the guy’s name in the book was “Maximo”. In the book he is one of a four member R&B group from the 90’s.
    He is described as an attractive man with a very muscular body, and was the shortest member of the group.
    Any way long story short he is none other than Gary “Lil G” Jenkins of the the 1990’s R&B group Silk!! (Read for your self) It’s in the chapter Money.Power and Respect.


  5. Just wanted to talk about the guy that he met at a party while in the long distance relatationship with “Derby”.
    Well the guy’s name in the book was “Maximo”. In the book he is one of a four member R&B group from the 90’s.
    He is described as an attractive man with a very muscular body, and was the shortest member of the group.
    Any way long story short he is none other than Gary “Lil G” Jenkins of the the 1990’s R&B group Silk!! (Read for your self) It’s in the chapter Money.Power and Respect.




  6. Im going crazy trying to find out who is the producer that was at the party getting done in theU know what?” at the dl party?and who the hell is the guy who had a show that portrayed an all american black family? please does someone have an answer?


  7. Well I think it damn shame that we got the black men in the entertainment business that on the down low, that is so nasty, and it pisses me off more than anything , to see this going on, I wish he would’ve told the real names of the people instead of using other character names, because I think the people how to right to know if someone playing the gay life, especially in the entertainment business , because i dont condone in nasty shit like this, may all gay man soul rest in hell, and i don’t think kids should be listening to the wanna be thugs, and they really gay, that bullshit fuck everything they do.


  8. I think Lucas is Eddie Murphy (pesky gay rumors)
    Kareem is Arsenio Hall
    Eli is LL Cool J
    Nyce is Jadakiss
    Gus is R. Kelly
    Lola is Monifah
    Sheena is Queen Latifah
    Galvin is Johhny Gill
    Craig is Method Man
    Junior is either Sean or Marlon Wayans & his partner Fritz is Omar Epps
    Flynn is Tyson Beckford
    Usher, Jamie Fox, Tigger and Shemar Moore also mentioned to be on the DL from Karrine. Busta was mentioned by Deelishus.


    • Lucas is probably Will Smith, who is bankable in Hollywood; and Kareem is probably Duane Martin since he did star in will smiths tv series and Arsenio Hall has never been married.


    • I think Cortez is Robert Townsend. And you’re ok because i’m kinda late as well. Dirk maybe Sylvester and Corey maybe Funkmaster Flex, Lenny maybe L A Raid.


      • Late Right? Lenny must be Nile Rodgers from the band “Chic”. He fits the description to a tee!!!! Nile Rodgers along with band member Bernard Edwards came up with the music that would serve as the Sugar Hill Gang’s bass line for their largest hit. Nile Rodgers has gone on to produce many, including Madonna and has done work with Patti LaBelle and many others. His credits as a producer had no limit. And….. Check out his images….. Go from there


  9. Okay so I may just be suggesting another person to be “Craig” because I *love* Method Man (and I’m trying hard not to believe all of this shit… It just seems more like the author’s fantasies to me lol) but couldn’t “Craig” be Ice Cube (that WAS his character’s name in Friday…)? He’s not ugly and NWA was still big in the early 90s…


  10. well check this out ok, I would say whos and whos wrong on this, but its a secret and if I told you who these people were you wouldnt know how to shut the hell up. and keep it to yourself. Thats why I know and you dont thanks for reading the family book.


  11. Individuals have a choice and right to their liken. Moreover when it comes to betrayal and dishonesty to the one you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with! That is total no…no..! One should flip the scripts ( shoe on the other foot). Whatever a man sow he shall also reap. What is in the dark will surely come to light. Guys please be honest to your self; and if you love your wife set her free.


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