I’ve always been a Spike Lee fan. I’ve seen every single one of his movies and even wrote a research paper on She’s Gotta Have It as an undergrad. I’ll hate on just about any celebrity, but Spike Lee and Kanye West are off limits (90% of the time anyway).

A few months ago, I told you all about Miracle at St. Anna being in production. Well, if you haven’t heard, it comes out this Friday in most theaters. So, if you love books turned movies as much as I do, then I know you’ll be in line for this one. Unfortunately, I won’t see it opening night because I have to see what type of mess Obama/McCain will talk during the presidential debate.

While you figure out what theaters will feature the movie this weekend, here’s a snippet from an interview with Spike Lee from the Black Voices Blogs website:

When did you decide you wanted to do a war film?

Spike Lee: I’ve been waiting to do a war film for the longest time. Growing up, my sister and I used to love watching war films. So, I read the book by James McBride and I called him up. I did not know him, but got his number and told him that I wanted to make his novel into a movie.

I had read somewhere that your wife had introduced you to the book. Is that because you were looking to do a war film and she suggested this one?

SL: No. It was on the shelf at home, and I pulled it out and read it.

While the film is a novel from McBride, the importance of the book and film is that it places Blacks at the front and center of the war as opposed to seeing them in the back in other war films.

SL: Or not even at all. They are a major part of the story but it’s not the only story. In the story, you have the Germans, you have the Fascists and the people from the town, and so you have all these people who are part of this story that takes place during War World II.

Why should anyone go see ‘Miracle at St. Anna’?

SL: People have to see it. It takes a lot for people to leave their homes and the comfort of their living room. For me, nothing replaces watching a film on the big screen with other people where you are part of the audience and part of the community. I think we have a story and talent that is attractive for people to come out and see it. That’s my hope. (Read the full interview . . . )

Also, be sure to check out the official MASA website or view the trailer below. Happy reading, ya’ll!