I Want to Attend Obama’s Inauguration

After Tuesday’s election results, a friend of mine and I decided that we would attend Obama’s inauguration day events in January 2009. Well, surprise, surprise. Did you know that you have to purchase tickets? I guess I wouldn’t know that since I’ve never wanted to attend an inauguration before. Honestly, who were my choices? George W. Bush? Pass. Bill Clinton? Yeah, I was in high school during most of his presidency.

Come to find out, I’m one of many people (obviously) who wants to see Obama sworn in, amongst other things. My choices are to pay a ridiculous amount for tickets ($500+), contact my senator or congressional representative, or I can just show up and stand in the free areas. Unfortunately, there are no free areas in hotel rooms, so I guess this means that the likelihood of my attending this event is slim to none. Boo.


4 thoughts on “I Want to Attend Obama’s Inauguration

  1. Those tickets are no gaurentee either…If paying for admission to the Inaugural Ceremony, I would stick to charity auctions (and check and recheck to make sure their legit). All the tickets go to the 111th Congress…ticket agencies are either hedging their bets that they can buy tickets off someone and sell them to you at a mark-up, or -like many that have cropped up since 11-4, there just scams.

    I’ve already booked a bus ticket to be in DC. I’m hoping to get a ticket, but even if I don’t–with over a million people expected, its not like I won’t be sharing in the excitement in a very unforgettable way :0)!

    For hotel – it might be worth making a facebook page…maybe you have a long lost friend that lives in DC now and would be happy to host you :0) Good luck!



  2. Hello there!

    You can also get in with a volunteer pass but you have to pass a background check to be selected as a volunteer and EVERYONE who asks to be a volunteer is not selected… it’s worth a try.

    The Republican elected officials are always invited by the Democratic president-elect as a courtesy (although most DO NOT attend!) so if you know any Republican people who are working in those offices, ask them if there are tickets NO ONE is going to use.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!


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