Be Your Own Personal Trainer

After a summer of eating authentic Mexican cuisine, I returned to the states with a couple of extra pounds. I have never been a fan of working out, but if you can’t fit your beloved clothes, what are your other options? To get myself in gear, I handed over $235 dollars to a personal trainer. For five weeks this former Marine waited around for me every morning and forced me to do the exercises I dread (read: squats and lunges), but needed the most.

Then my time ran out. After five weeks with the personal trainer, I spent the next few weeks convincing myself that I could create a plan of my own. I wandered from machine to machine, asked questions, and spied on other people’s workouts. I don’t know how, but my body is definitely toner than when I began. My arms and abs are getting to where they need to be, but I’m still working really hard on my thighs. Most importantly, I started a new workout plan today as suggested by Muscle & Fitness Hers: 101 Workouts and I look forward to seeing what the next six weeks will bring.

As you guessed, I couldn’t convince myself to pay for more training sessions, so instead I went to the bookstore and bought a few workout books. I even researched workout plans online. The problem with gathering this research is that everybody offers different advice on when you should stretch, how many days a week you should do cardio, and the best exercises for various muscle groups. Confusing.

So, in the midst of rolling my eyes at Barnes & Noble’s cashiers for tripping about my returning/exchanging books, I found something that worked. 101 Workouts doesn’t offer diet information or wordy details about much, but it features great workout plans and pictures. What I especially like is that a few of the models are even women from diverse cultures (if you know what I mean). And they even make an alternative version for men.

There’s nothing like a morning workout to fix my gloomy mood and to kick start my day. Did I just say that? Wow. Now go get fit.

Happy reading, ya’ll.


2 thoughts on “Be Your Own Personal Trainer

  1. I’d recommend the magazine as well. It has great recipes and workouts and unlike fashion magazine, weight lifting mags for women regularly have black women in them.

    There are a lot of ads for supplements but I really like the magazine.

    If you are looking for a video to do at home Cathe Freidrich’s “Muscle Max” is really good.


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