Obama’s Books Continue to Sell

According to NPR: Barack Obama’s presidential win has already jump-started one small sector of the economy: his books. Over the weekend, The Audacity of Hope and Dreams from My Father were the hottest sellers at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Amazon actually ran out of hardcover and paperback editions of Audacity of Hope. While you wait, the online retailer lists more than two dozen other books about the president-elect. (source)

If you haven’t read or purchased Barack Obama’s books by now, you are truly behind. Where have these folks been all this time? What do you mean you’re just buying the books? What do you mean you haven’t read them yet? Get on the ball. In the meantime, have you seen the ridiculously priced Obama merchandise on eBay? Crazy. Yeah, I bought myself a couple of items on the low (and for the low). One website writes:

Since his triumph at the polls, AbeBooks.com has sold 20 books autographed by the President-elect priced at $500 or higher with one buyer shelling out $5,500 for a signed copy of Dreams From My Father.

Before the election, the most expensive Obama book sold by AbeBooks.com was a signed copy of Dreams From My Father for $1,798. Twelve of the 20 signed copies sold since Obama’s victory have been priced more than $1,000.

The most collectible Obama books are the signed 1995 first editions of Dreams From My Father. Originally published when he was still working as a run-of-the-mill lawyer and lecturer, the book went out-of-print in a hurry and had a small print run. Asking prices for these scarce editions stretch well past $10,000. (source)

Obama mania continues. Happy reading, ya’ll.


2 thoughts on “Obama’s Books Continue to Sell

  1. Hello,

    A friend mentioned your blog and it’s ironic because my husband voted for McCain and is now reading all of the Obama books. He says “he’s investigating” but I think he’s secretly a fan. Great blog.

    Julienne Peterson
    Carson, CA


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