I haven’t forgotten that I have a blog. I’ve been swamped with papers, presentations, and application submissions. Papers on Othello’s blackness and Mark Twain’s miscegnation (the book theme not the act) will be officially finished by Friday! I guess that means no sleep tomorrow night. Sigh.

Wondering about the photo shown above? It’s obviously Mark Twain and one of his many black friends. Wink. Scholars and critics note that he had a fondness for Negroes, although most of his noted associations happened to be servants, slaves/former slaves, and workers. Twain owned a small handful of black literature (which I suppose is excusable for his time), but influenced African American authors for years to come, including Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, and Toni Morrison. I can talk more about this subject, but I don’t really have the time.

Back to work and happy research ya’ll.