HBO’s True Blood & Back Issues of Jet

Two things.

One, True Blood is a great show. I use to be a huge Six Feet Under fan, so much so that I bid on the entire series (and won) on ebay this time last year. Love Six Feet Under and anybody connected with the show, including Alan Ball. Anyway, you know how with some shows you have to give it three episodes before you’re dedicated? Not with True Blood. They had me within the first 15 minutes. It’s not the traditional vampire story, but then again, don’t people always say that with every vampire creation (tv, books, movies)? Seriously. The really cool thing about my recent interest in True Blood is that I’ve been able to watch it online, episode after episode, for my favorite F word–FREE. Check out True Blood if you can. I actually learned how to watch shows online by searching for Showtimes Weeds not too long ago. I can get interested in shows with strong black main characters.

Two, I speak ever so highly about Google books. I know they had a lawsuit going over posting detailed excerpts from books (I mean they post the whole book, but skip pages here and there), but man, as a scholar, Google books is on point. Sometimes I’ll need an additional source for a topic I’m arguing, and I will admit that I cheat and use Google books. That way I can read a chapter from a book, get the information I need, and cite the source like I actually held it in my hand. Well, now Google has included back issues of magazines. As I browsed a couple earlier, I found an issue of Jet magazine that came out the week of my birth. You know I had to flip to the back and check out the top 20 charts! I knew most of the songs too. Including hits like:

1. Get Off – Foxy

I didn’t know these dudes were WHITE! Wow.

2.Got to Get You Into My Life – Earth, Wind, & Fire

Do you remember the movie St. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band? My brother had the record.

3. One Nation Under a Groove – Funkadelic

4. Holding On – LTD

And this would be my first time hearing this song ever.

5. Boogie Oogie Oogie – A Taste of Honey

Check out what happened in the world during the week you were born with back issues of Jet! Happy reading, ya’ll!


4 thoughts on “HBO’s True Blood & Back Issues of Jet

  1. True Blood is great! I just finished the first season after reading the first book, Dead Until Dark. Now I’m on the library waitlist for book #2, Dead in Dallas. Apparently, there are about six books out in the series. The book is a bit different from the show, since the show gives more character development on folks other than Sookie. Can’t wait to get the latest book! “Sookie is mine!” =)


  2. Since my birthday is coming up (Dec.17th) I’ll definitely have to check out the back issue of Jet. I know it’ll make me feel old so I’ll check it out AFTER I leave here…LOL I’ve heard about True Blood but haven’t checked it out because well, mostly I just read. Since it’s online and free…how can I not? Thanks!!!


  3. Ok, I didn’t even know that the series is based on a book. I checked Amazon to read an excerpt and read a few reviews. Do you agree that if you watch the series first that you won’t dig the books as much? Curious.


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