B&N Video Podcasts

The guy in the video below made me realize that my problem isn’t as bad as I thought. I don’t think I’ll ever own 35,000 books! By the way, I originally found this video on Barnes & Noble’s “Book Obsessed” podcast. Don’t sleep.

B&N’s video podcast also offers a collection titled “The Book Files.” These videos provide quick (around 60 seconds) information on how authors dealt with writer’s block, became published, and battled through book ideas. Since I’m trying to get motivated about actually sitting myself down and writing these three short stories for my master’s thesis, I’m fond of a few videos in particular.

See more at BNStudio’s channel via YouTube. Happy reading, y’all.


2 thoughts on “B&N Video Podcasts

  1. Your blog is truly an inspriration. Like the book obsessed gentleman, I too, love being surrounded by texts. I imagine your home is the same way, Black Girl Lost. Judging by your blog, I can tell your home is filled with books, love, and interesting conversation. Keep up your work. Toil if you must, but keep it up. We WILL continue to keep reading…

    Lonna’s 3rd
    Columbus, Ohio


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