Steve Harvey’s Latest Release

And now another book that I think I’ll pass on, but that I hear is flying off bookshelves as we speak.

Comedian Steve Harvey says he knows why some women have trouble with relationships. They ask other women, not men, for advice. In Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think about Love, Relationships, Intimacy and Commitments, the syndicated radio host lets women inside the mind of a man, and they’re buying into the idea. Literally. Harvey’s first book enters the list at No. 12. “This book is clear, concise real talk, real information from men, friends of mine, from CEOs to truck drivers,” Harvey says. “This is how men really think.” One tip: Ask men about their long-term goals and dreams. And yes, there will be a follow-up. “It’s based on a lot of questions women are asking me.”

Phyllis V. Du’Gas’s Blog has some interesting thoughts on this new release (the comment section is especially interesting). I, however, just wanted to keep my blog updated. lol

Happy reading, y’all!


6 thoughts on “Steve Harvey’s Latest Release

  1. I agree with Phyllis, and I used to listen to the steve harvey morning show and he makes fun of the strawberry relationship letters and most of his advice, he doesn’t know what he is talking about.


  2. I’m with you. I’m passing on this one because…I just am. I’m a little upset that my book club chose this as the book for the month of February. That’s what I get for not making the last meeting AND being the only married woman in the group.


  3. It looks to me like Harvey is just giving his perspective on how men think. Obviously he doesn’t speak for all of us as I wouldn’t be caught dead with a suit jacket sporting more than 3 buttons, but to each their own.

    Still, I think his clip was pretty insightful.


  4. I’m not even finished with the book yet. In fact, I’m smack in the middle of tthe book and already this inforemation has saved me a lot headache and enlightened me unconditionally. Thank You Steve Harvey!!! Of course it’s from his perspective, but it’s a MUST READ for women in “so-called” committed relationships. O.K. CLIFF, DERRICK, AND PAUL-MICHAEL!


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