Another Push Video!!

During a visit to Sardonic Sistah’s blog, I discovered a new YouTube video for the movie Push. I wanted to see the movie before, but after watching this clip, I REALLY want to see it now. All I’m saying is . . . Hollywood better get the awards ready.


5 thoughts on “Another Push Video!!

  1. Just saw Tyler Perry on The View this morning. He apparently has now signed on in some way with the film, probably financing, and the name has been changed to “Precious”. Interesting tidbit I thought I’d leave for you.


  2. I happened to see Perry on The View this morning, but I didn’t hear the mention of Push. I guess I was too busy making something to eat.

    I think they should reconsider the name change, but I understand why it’s necessary. Is Precious the best title they can come up with though?


  3. i think it was necessary to change the name, but i wish they’d left off the subtitle. when the feature was named “Push,” it made sense to add Sapphire’s name to distinguish it from that dumb action movie. now, it’s unneeded. i’m glad some big names have gotten involved on the financial end (i think it got picked by Lionsgate), so we should be able to see it in a lot of theaters later this year. i cannot wait!

    by the way, this is my first time posting here. i discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and it’s fantastic.


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