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Yes, Essence and Marie Claire, I know my subscription has run out. I’m fine with that. Please stop acting like you’re trying to hook me up for being a loyal customer by offering me the regular subscription price. Shouldn’t magazines get a clue and at least knock off a dollar for renewals? I’m tired of Essence recycling the same old people on the cover and the same articles in every issue. How many times do I need to read about debt and getting a man? I’m sure that these things are major issues for most women—black women especially—but as a subscriber, I don’t need to read about it every month.

And I’m still waiting for Marie Claire to get a black woman on the cover. They’ve put Asians, Hispanics–everybody but a black woman, and I’m not talking about Halle Berry or Beyonce because such a cover would take little to no thought at all (ask Essence). Besides, Marie Claire fell off a long time ago. At one point they provided interesting articles about women around the world. I learned about what these women carried in their purses and their triumphs and tragedies. Now they plaster a 2-page photo spread of a foreign woman or issue along with a caption sized story.

That said, from this point on I will only browse these magazines online or in the checkout line.

In place of these magazines, I have picked up subscriptions to Shape, Poets & Writers, & Real Simple—all magazines with substance.  And yes, a subscription to Real Simple is costly, but I like the recipes and the articles. I’ll get around to posting some of my favorite Real Simple recipes soon. I made a lamb chop dish for my mother’s birthday and she has requested the dish several times since.

Happy magazine reading, y’all.


6 thoughts on “New Magazine Subscriptions

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your comments about Essence Magazine! I unsubscribed a few years ago for that same reason. I see that things haven’t gotten any better since then.


  2. 8 years ago I considered Marie Claire the best women’s magazine on the stands but after the old editor left it lost almost all of it’s appeal. Articles about women in other countries got sidelined and it became less inclusive (as far as including non-white women in their profiles.) It’s just like any other celeb magazine now. I still have a subscription but only because it was on sale at Amazon for $5.

    Essence is a joke. Just think about all the fascinating black women in politics, media, business, and entertainment right now. How many have been featured in Essence? That rag is turning into Ebony. It’s also expensive compared to other subscriptions so I just say no thank you to them.


  3. The cost of subscriptions has dropped dramatically lately. I usually went through Ebay for a multi-year deal after double-checking the seller was legit and put the order through of course! Yeah MC used to be different. Essence is just stagnant and I wish they’d shake things up but perhaps their core audience are full of fuddy-duds. We need more than that and Ebony that’s the problem. Latina magazine is just as bad.


  4. I let Essence go several years ago. At one point they were playing musical editors, and in my opinion, the magazine lost something in the process. I used to be a Shape fanactic, but after you faithfully follow a magazine for a while, you notice that the articles become repetitive. I will, however, pick it up occasionally to get some new work out tips. I LOVE RealSImple. It, along with InStyle (most favoritest), O Magazine and Runner’s World, is a monthly must have.


  5. brigitte, Marie Claire was one of the best magazines for women several years ago. I remember recommending it to friends, but now I flip through it in less than 20 minutes.

    Faith, I thought Ebony turned over a new leaf. I wonder why these magazines don’t reflect upon vintage issues and consider what to reincorporate.

    mswoodenshoes, my boyfriend spoke about Runner’s World just the other day. He mentioned he reads it from cover to cover. My sister is an O magazine fan, and mom likes InStyle. You’ve hit all of the people close to me with your magazine selections. lol


  6. I agree with everyone. Essence really need to step their game up. I feel there are NO magazines out there that cater to the black woman.

    I also subscribed to Shape this year! I have not received my first issue yet, but I cannot wait.

    I currently get Black Enterprise, InStyle, Lucky, and now Shape.


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