I’ll Be Right Back After These Messages…

It took me awhile, but I’m back.  I thought about giving up on blogging, but I have a friend who continued to ask me why I haven’t updated. I mumbled a reply and tried to keep it moving, but today, an author offered me a free copy of his book for featuring it on my website. There’s no motivation like free literary rewards.

So I decided to keep the site going. I’ve read enough black gossip junk food online and managed to avoid most of the unread literature that haunts my living room bookshelves. I will recieve my Master of Arts in English in just two weeks. What does it all mean? That maybe in a few weeks I’ll get back to reading what I want to read again. Reading won’t be a job anymore.  Oh, imagine that.

Still reading Midnight. Been reading it for about 5 weeks now. Shame!

But happy reading, y’all.

8 thoughts on “I’ll Be Right Back After These Messages…

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  1. congrats on the M.A. it’s quite an accomplishment. only 1 percent of women in the world even have a Bachelor’s.

    I loved learning about Colson. I have caught him before. He is very funny.


  2. Blogging will wear you out, won’t it? Take a break if you need it, but don’t stop! Your voice and your insights would truly be missed. Congrats on the degree. Hope you’re able to put it to good use.


  3. Congrats on the M.A.! I will have my M.L.S. (Library Science) in a matter of days. Keep hope alive on Midnight…I abandoned it after 2 months lol. Best wishes to your future goals.


  4. jen – Are you serious? Only 1%!? That’s crazy.

    Shauna – That is not the type of encouragement that will help me to make it to the final pages of Midnight. lol

    Thanks for the love all!


  5. I found you through Claudia’s blog and I’m glad you’ve opted to continue writing. Congratulations on your latest accomplishment! I celebrate with you. It feels will good to know another sister is pursuing her goals and achieving them. I applaud you. Thank you.


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