Lil’ Kim Book Release

In 2003, Simon & Schuster offered Lil’ Kim $40,000 for a memoir titled The Price of Loyalty. Kim was unable to deliver said product in a timely fashion and the publisher was forced to sue. Since her recent appearance on Dancing With the Stars, Lil’ Kim has added another gold star to her universal (i.e. beyond black folks) celebrity status. According to

“The Brooklyn, New York-bred emcee said the project would offer words of advice for others who have gone through the penal system and spoke on the delay surrounding her comeback album. “It’s about the time when I stayed in prison, the things I learned and went through,” she explained. “You don’t think about things until it happens to you. The book is going to give people who have been in those situations a bright outlook on life…”

For those of you looking forward to the book, I would like to point out that Lil’ Kim did not pass time in prison by reading or making notes/an outline for her upcoming book release. No. Instead she found entertainment through drawing in a coloring book. Interesting. I mean, we expect a ghost writer anyway, right? Ain’t no thing.

Happy reading, y’all.


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