Push (Precious) Movie Trailer/Poster Update!

The Shadow & Act blog posted the trailer for Push Precious and my excitement has moved up another notch. Since I only know how to post YouTube clips on WordPress, you’ll have to go to their blog to see it. Go now. Thanks to them for letting me borrow the movie poster link too. Great blog…

Happy reading, y’all. That means go read Push BEFORE you see the movie.


12 thoughts on “Push (Precious) Movie Trailer/Poster Update!

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  3. As a fellow Black book nerd, I am SO glad I found your blog! (Via Shadow and Act.) I’ve been reading all your old posts and already found at least dozen books I need to buy (or take out from the library to save dough) and reminded me of all the books piling up in my room that I need to read. By the way, I love this movie poster, it reminds me of Saul Bass’ work.


  4. I was crying when I read the book, and from the looks of it, i’ll be crying when I see this movie. The trailer was phenomenal


  5. My daughters and I have been looking forward to this movie since we first heard about it a year ago. We are so excited. We all feel this is a very important film and have found ourselves encouraging friends and family to look for it and read the book. I am so happy I found this site. Mo’nique gets better with every outing. She looks like Oscar just from the clip! Lee Daniels has always impressed me for having courage to stick to his vision and bring us along for the ride. I am expecting much more from him and Ms. Sidibe you are fantastic I know there is going to be more from you. If the Buzz for this film is anything like the anticipation in my home you have a Blockbuster on your hands! See you at the movies.


  6. Having read the book in my English Literature class in college, I was inspired by the writing and the aurthor style of expressing a young girls pain of abuse. The book was very relevant to toadys society where more young girls are abused and rejected. I hope the movie is as good as the book and I really hope they did not take away from the book. The book reveals the hiden secrets of sin and sexual molestation in the home, and it not just a black cultural abomination, abuse crosses every etnic culture, and should be exposed. Keep upi the good work Tyler!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. i love this movie. it taught me a lot. poor orecious, she went threw so much and never let it get to her. her father was wrong for what he did and so is her mom for letting it happen.
    2 kids by her father and an aids. what a brave heart.


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