Spielberg Does King

The Detroit Free Press writes:

Steven Spielberg’s studio, DreamWorks, announced Tuesday it has acquired the rights from the King estate to produce a biopic on the legendary civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

King copyrighted all of his speeches, books and other works during his lifetime, and the DreamWorks film will be the first theatrical motion picture authorized to use his intellectual property, DreamWorks said in its release. Two of King’s children threaten legal action over the film deal because it was brokered without their blessing.

Suzanne de Passe — the first and only African-American woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for screenwriting (“Lady Sings the Blues”) — is one of two producers.

De Passe — now chief executive officer of her own production company — is a longtime Berry Gordy Jr. associate, joining Motown in 1968 and collaborating with Gordy on the famed TV special “Motown 25,” among other projects.

No other details about the film were announced Tuesday.

Well, I guess I always hoped that Spike Lee would pick up this project, but I guess he couldn’t do a Malcolm X and King film. But why the hell not? We shouldn’t be too worried if de Passe and Spielberg are putting this thing together. Who cares whether they consulted the King family first. I just hope that we get a well-rounded view of King and not just the typical image of him as a saint.

Happy reading, y’all!


2 thoughts on “Spielberg Does King

  1. The King children have become whores. It’s sad. As Edwin Stanton said of Abraham Lincoln, “Now he belongs to the ages.” Not to somebody’s lazy, greedy family. Please.
    Then again, what kind of Disney-esque la la production will Spielberg and DePasse construct? I think it needs the grit and scary realism of Schindlers List. Then again, the under-noticed HBO production with Jeffrey Wright and Carmen Ejogo (his real life wife) is the gold standard. Frankly i think Wright could do this role; Eric Dellums as Bayard Rustin and Terrance “Mr. babywipes” Howard as Abernathy stole the movie. So why re-cast it with likely fools like Tyler Perry?


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