Houston Book Group

bookclub cookbook Do you live in the Houston area? Does someone you know reside here? Do you enjoy reading African American literature?

Since my return to Houston I have decided to start up a new book group, similar to the one I once ran in Atlanta. I have a few interested individuals so far, but hope to build a coed following.

Please contact me if you would like to join us and I will keep you posted on our first book selection and the date/location of the first meeting. All are welcome.

Happy reading, y’all.


11 thoughts on “Houston Book Group

  1. I would love to join your book club.I’ve been searching for a book club to join for a while now.All I do is read ,it it would be nice to talk about books to other readers.


  2. I too would love more information on your book club. I am also an avid reader and have been in search for others who love to read. This is a great way to connect.


  3. I am VERY interested in joining the book club. My favorite hobby is reading and would love to be in a group with other avid readers. Please let me know if you start the group.


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