My uncle bought me a PS3 last Christmas. It became yet another thing to distract me from reading. I loved Saints Row 2, especially designing my character, a black woman tatted up, looking sexy—in stilletos mind you, running around, stealing cars, whooping on fools and shooting folks up. Saints Row allowed me to live a type of psuedo thug life.

I can’t say that I ever got into Guitar Hero or Rock Band. I played it a couple of times in the stores and at a friend’s house and just wasn’t feeling it. I know I’m one of the very few that feels this way. Interestingly enough, this morning I read some news on USA Today’s website that got me a little excited about a new game for hip-hop fans. Read more:

dj-heroThe upcoming DJ Hero video game just landed two heavy hitters as MCs: Jay-Z and Eminem.

Both rappers are bringing their music to the newest offshoot of Activision’s successful $2 billion Guitar Hero franchise. The game, played with a turntable-shaped controller, is due out this fall for PlayStation 3, PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii (no price or rating yet) . . .

Players use the features on the game’s controller — a rotating record platter, sampling buttons, an effects dial and a cross fader — to match streams of song tracks, create effects and add personal touches to score points.

“You actually get lost doing it,” says Jay-Z, who has played the game. It creates “a DJ’s universe,” he says.

In addition to single-DJ action, two players can compete or play cooperatively. Special mixes will let players use the Guitar Hero controller. The game spans hip-hop, electronica, R&B, soul and pop/rock with songs by 50 Cent, Beastie Boys, KRS-One, Blondie, N.E.R.D., Gorillaz and David Bowie. Superstar DJs such as DJ Shadow, DJ Z-Trip and DJ AM will contribute, too.

“You are going to get over 100 songs from 80 artists and 80 brand-new mixes that have never been heard before, including one with Eminem and Jay-Z (together),” says Guitar Hero president and CEO Dan Rosensweig.

“This is a game I can see myself actually playing,” Eminem says. “DJ’ing is fundamental to rap music, so it’s a great fit.” (Read full story)

Now they’re talking. Oh, man. I can’t wait. Happy reading, y’all (even if it is just game/strategy guides).