Thanks to, I just learned that they’ve turned Karrine “Superhead” Steffan’s Confessions of a Video Vixen book into a movie.

. . . well . . . kinda . . .

The truth is Steffans inspired Thomas Gibson to create and direct a documentary that sheds light on the unheard voices from the book. In an interview with, Gibson notes, “I think the underlying thing in all of this is that you can’t believe everything you read and that every story has another side and everyone has a point of view. Everytime you tell the same story, it gets told 100 different ways. Karrine’s version of events is going to be different from Ja Rule’s version of events [ . . . ] we wanted to show another point of view from the guys.” (Read full interview) This might just be worth a watch! Here’s more info:

Go deep into the underworld of hip-hop groupies and video vixens where sex is the backstage pass and young ladies use their bodies as a way to promote themselves and further their own careers. Narrated by top talk radio personality Wendy Williams, Kiss and Tail: Hollwood Jump Off takes a provocative look at the seedy side of the music business where hip-hop groupies pay a high price to get a taste of the celebrity lifestyle. Hear the real, raw truth about the groupie lifestyle from the scene’s biggest stars, including Ja Rule, Big Boi, Akon, Juelz Santana, Twista and more, and get the inside story from one of hip-hop’s most notorious femmes, Karrine: Superhead Steffens. Reenactments show how Karrine sexed her way through the hip-hop world, climbing her way up the ladder before crashing to the bottom. Now a bestselling author, she’s still kissing and telling, but the huge stars she allegedly bedded are telling their side of the story.

The DVD was released July 14th and is currently available on Happy reading, y’all.