E. Lynn Harris Legacy

For the E. Lynn Harris fans who still patiently await a film/theatrical adaptation of his books, BET.com reports:

So will we finally see Harris’ work on the silver screen? Well, the answer literally was being played out a few weeks ago until the day the bestselling author died. Despite fainting on a train en route to Tinseltown to solidify his book-to-movie dreams, Harris typed that he was “soldiering on” in a text message to an assistant. Once he arrived in Los Angeles, he met with producer Tracey Edmonds just hours before he died.

One insider reports that Harris “basically blessed the project” for the film adaptation of “Invisible Life,” his first novel, which shot Harris to fame in 1994.  There are reportedly also two finished scripts, one which focuses on the college years and the other on the New York City years of characters Raymond, Nicole and Basil.

Other finished scripts include “Not A Day Goes By” and “I Say A Little Prayer.” In September, the novel “Mama Dearest,” which is the follow-up to “Not A Day Goes By,” hits bookstores. And the first of a new book series Harris had just created titled, “The Bentley Chronicles,” arrives in 2010.

It’s also been confirmed that Harris reserved the Lincoln Theater in Washington, D.C. for a 4-week run in 2010 for “Invisible Life (The Musical),” which was being primed for an eventual Broadway run.  So important was this project that the music was written by the legendary duo Ashford & Simpson and the script written by August Wilson’s protégé, Javon Johnson. (Read the full article)

Interesting. Happy reading, y’all.


One thought on “E. Lynn Harris Legacy

  1. I am saddend of Mr. Harris’ passing; however it is clear from this posting that he truely fullfilled his dreams, even after his passing. Blessings. thanks for sharing.


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