Tyrese Gibson delves into the world of comic books with his new release Mayhem. Although he acknowledges the other contributing authors in interviews, I think its interesting that only his name appears on the cover. No big deal I guess. Comic Book Resources notes:

Gibson MayhemGibson is diving headfirst into the four-color world with “Mayhem!”, a brand new three-issue series from Image Comics launching in August. With the assistance of writers Mike Le and Will Wilson and artist Tone Rodriguez, the “Transformers” star is rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands in the ink of the comic book industry. For a star of Tyrese’s caliber, his hands-on approach to the medium might surprise some; after all, how hard would it be for Tyrese to slap his name on the comic book and call it a day?

“That’s not Tyrese,” Mike Le, co-writer of “Mayhem!” and vice president of Tyrese’s HQ Entertainment, told CBR News about the star’s involvement in the series. “I’ve known Tyrese for a long time and he has his hands on every project his name is on. He is one of the best ideas guys I’ve ever met, and [is] just an amazing person to brainstorm with. Like the rest of the team, Tyrese is extremely excited about ‘Mayhem!'” (Read full article)

I’m always excited about lead black comic book characters. I’d love to flip through a copy of this. Happy reading, y’all!