Black Books Go Movie

Speaking of books turned movie, according to BV Entertainment Newswire:

Packer & Harvey. . . filmmaker Will Packer has designs to adapt Steve Harvey‘s best-selling book ‘Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man’ for the big screen. An official announcement isn’t expected to be serviced to film industry media until next week, but the mastermind behind black blockbusters such as ‘Stomp The Yard’ and ‘Obsessed’ and Screen Gems have reportedly acquired the film rights to the Amistad/Harper Collins book, which has been atop the New York Times Best Sellers list for the past six months. “It’s pretty amazing,” Harvey, a first-time author, told about the book’s meteoric success back in February. “It really has to be some amount of favor from God, because I have no experience at writing a book,” he continued. “It ain’t like I’ve been there, done that. It’s got to be favor from God. It’s gotta be something that he has planned for me bigger than I could see, because I just wanted to write a book so the women on my show could quit asking me to write a book.” (Read more)

I originally found news concerning Omar Tyree’s upcoming film adaptations from Shadow and Act. However, upon further research, I discovered Tyree’s announcement via his blog:

Picture 1I know, I know, I know, many of you guys would just loooove to see Flyy Girl as my first movie. The only problem is, most of the readers who love Flyy Girl so much have never bothered to read many of my other books. So if I gave them Flyy Girl first as a movie, would they even bother to see my otherfilms? Because if I can’t trust them to read the other books, then whyshould I trust them to see the other films? And they have all had PLENTY of time toread my other books. And they ALL GOOD READS!

So for the first film, since I want to have a film CAREER and not just one movie deal, we decided very strategically to go with the Leslie franchise first, where we can possible do 3 films with a character that folks willlove and want to see much more of. But if you guys have not read Leslie the book,you have no idea what you’re missing.

Therefore, a New Orleans-based suspense vehicle like Leslie would get us “out-of-the-box” of typical African-American films that may immediately destroy new types of ideas if I were to do the obvious Flyy Girl first. Andsince we know everyone is waiting for Flyy Girl anyway, we decided do it when we have more experience and power to do it RIGHT and have plenty of marketing money to push it. But you often have to beg on the first movie, so we’drather do that on an exciting trilogy film like Leslie. (Read more)

I’ve read 3.5 books by Tyree (in the 90s – lol). I wouldn’t consider myself a fan, but I would definitely be interested in viewing the film versions. Happy reading, y’all.


9 thoughts on “Black Books Go Movie

  1. interesting. as long as they don’t turn it into a gospel play, I’m cool. maybe something akin to “She’s Just Not Into You”…we shall see.

    btw: i wish they would actually turn, The Coldest Winter Ever into a film like they were supposed to way back when.


  2. I can’t think of any author, black or white, who has done more to hurt African American fiction than Omar Tyree. That dude should have been caned for Flyy Girl. Who reads his books? If his novel writing is any indication of his screenwriting ability, I think I will pass on his movie making efforts. In fact, instead watching an Omar Tyree movie, I would rather gouge my eyes out and eat grounded glass after being sodomized with a stapler.


  3. I am so NOT interested in seeing the movie based on Steve’s book. Chauvinistic (sp?) bunch of crap with a few good points scattered throughout. Don’t need two hours of that.

    As for Omar Tyree, gosh when will this cat stop whining?? All he ever does is complain, boost himself up bigger than he deserves to be, and put down his readers for not buying enough of his crap. Even IF the books were good (and sorry, they’re not), his attitude is a deal breaker. It’s part of the reason why Eric Jerome Dickey is a big seller and he’s not. NEXT!


  4. I read Flyy Girl and For the Love of Money. I’m in the middle of reading Boss Lady (even though For the Love of Money was extremely dissapointing).

    I think that if that’s Omar’s official reason for not taking Flyy Girl to the big screen, he’s full of crap. I mean seriously, if readers are constantly asking about that paticular book and failing to rave about his others, it should tell him something. We don’t care (or at least I don’t) about your other film projects, we want Flyy Girl. Prove yourself with that on-screen deal &you just might attract more readers. Prime example: The Twighlight Saga. Once that movie came out EVERYONE was reading the books if they hadn’t already read them. That franchise will open doors for that author & allow viewers&readers to be open about her future endeavors. Just like SexxyWitSense said, Omar needs to quit whining so much!

    to theprisonerswife: I’d love to see that as a movie as well but I just don’t have enough faith in this industry. I feel like they wouldn’t do the book justice AT ALL & leave out a lot of points and happenings that made the story such a juicy read.


  5. But the amazing thing about him not making Flyy Girl a movie project is that all the readers that read the book have their own idea of what all the character look like. So it would ashame if he wasn’t able to live up to he readers expections with he’s casting choices.
    But if you haven’t read Leslie it’s am amazing book, maybe better than Flyy Girl.


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