The Boondocks Returns

The Boondocks is coming. The Boondocks is coming. Or rather, The Boondocks is returning. Season 2 helped me earn an A on my final paper and presentation for my graduate Sociolinguistics course. I actually counted the number of times each character used nigga. That analysis gave me an entirely different appreciation for the show and the numerous ways a single (sometimes derogatory) word can be used. Best believe I can’t wait to see what laughs Season 3 will bring. About that, according to

The long-delayed third season of animated comedy “The Boondocks” is finally expected to hit the small screen next year. Over the summer, series creator Aaron McGruder announced on his MySpace page that the Sony Pictures TV-produced show had been ordered for a new season of episodes. At the time, he said wasn’t sure exactly when the episodes would air. Then in August, a short Adult Swim promo spot for the show began appearing on YouTube. The ad promised new episodes in early 2010. However, it’s unclear if the promo actually ever aired on Adult Swim or was simply the product of an overeager “Boondocks.” Now McGruder has dropped another hint about the timing of the show’s return. “Finally got an airdate for Season 3,” the writer said via Twitter last week. “Not sure if I’m allowed to put it out yet, so I’ll just say you got about three months.”

McGruder also notes on his Facebook page (you don’t have to be his friend to read it) that if you add him as a Twitter friend that you may be in line to view an early preview of the new season. I guess I better get on that.

Get to reading, y’all.


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