Readers, take part in making Tayari Jones’ book Leaving Atlanta into a short film. In conjunction with, contributors can make donations that “will go towards equipment rental, props, wardrobe, set dressing, editing, and other production expenses.” You can even receive a personalized movie postcard, an autographed copy of Leaving Atlanta, and/or thanks on their website, amongst other things.

Leaving Atlanta is featured on my favorite books list. I’m excited to see what they’ll do with a project with so much potential. How about that teaser:

Learn more about your potential next read before the movie release:

It was the end of summer, a summer during a two-year nightmare. African American children around Atlanta were vanishing, and twenty-nine would be murdered by the end of 1981. Like all kids across the city, fifth-grade classmates Tasha Baxter, Rodney Green, and Octavia Harrison were discovering that back-to-school now meant special safety lessons, indoor recess, and being thrown into a world their parents couldn’t comprehend, one in which the everyday challenges of growing up were coupled with constant fear—and the news of the murders of one’s peers. (Read more . . . )

Happy reading, y’all!