Barnes & Noble: Fix My Nook

I’d like to pose the following question: how long should it take for Barnes & Noble to fix a new Nook? This summer, I got over my whole “I’m a book lover, I need to physically turn paper pages” type bulljang and bought a Nook. Let me mention that I’m not an impulse buyer most days. When I see something I want, I go home, research it, find out if the selected store has the best price (i.e. check eBay), think about it some more…and then I buy.

Last July, I decided to spend some of my hard earned bonus money on a Nook. Since that purchase, I think I’ve read maybe one book on it, bought two others, and downloaded a bunch of excerpts. I thought it was the coolest thing—and still do. A few friends tried to get me into that whole Kindle and iPad argument…yeah, yeah…

But anyway, I barely used the thing. Most of the black books that I wanted to read weren’t available in e-reader format yet and most times, I just flat out didn’t feel like reading. More justification for why I turned off my cable television.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I picked up the Nook one day—maybe three good months in—and noticed these dark black lines covering the screen. The Nook is still pretty new. I don’t have any kids or pets that would cause it any destruction, but the Nook was broken.

It’s several weeks later and I still have yet to receive an email from Barnes & Noble with news on the status of my return. Can it be fixed? They mentioned it would take from one to five weeks before I’d know anything. Tired of waiting, I called customer service and the “lovely” lady on the phone said, “we don’t know what’s going on at the warehouse, miss, but we have the Nook.” Well, what’s the damn wait? Should it take five weeks to fix some funky black lines going down the screen?

So, how about this B&N…as I continue to read paper copies of books, how about you all send me one of those fancy new color Nooks for the delay? You know the ones that came out three months after I bought mine? That’d be awesome! In return, I’ll continue to frown up my nose at Kindle and I’ll even keep faking like the iPad isn’t a better investment.

Happy reading, y’all!


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