When I’m home alone, I often wonder what would happen if it all went down. What would really happen if the every person I’d ever known actually turned into zombies? Would I be able to bolt myself in my apartment for eternity? Well, I’d definitely have plenty to eat, but eventually . . . they’d probably get me. I hate to imagine that, but with Colson Whitehead’s new publication Zone One, I’d guess that we’ve baked our minds with too many apocalyptic shows and movies.

Whitehead mentioned the following in a past interview:

I’ve always had zombie anxiety dreams, ever since, you know, seeing Dawn of the Dead when I was in junior high. So, once a month I have some zombie dream. They’re fast, they’re slow. Sometimes they talk. Sometimes I’m alone. And I was definitely hoping that I would end this particular manifestation of anxiety dream by writing the book. And I was 95 percent successful. I had one a couple of days ago — perhaps that’s tied to publication. Not sure.

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Happy reading, y’all.