It’s been sometime since I’ve done a Tuesday Teaser, so here we go. The last time I tried to read a Stephen King novel was after I watched Pet Cemetery in middle school. At the time I felt the writing was too detailed and not interesting enough to motivate me to complete it. Since then I’ve always assumed that I didn’t care for Stephen King. The truth is, my reading and comprehension skills are a great deal more advanced now and I have a better appreciation for good writing.

When I tell people I’m reading The Green Mile, they always ask the same question, “Is it like the movie?” Yes, but better. For today’s Tuesday Teaser, I bring you an excerpt from my current read:

I guess what I’m saying is that I didn’t realize how far back I’d have to go in order to tell you about John Coffey, or how long I’d have to leave him there in his cell, a man so huge his feet didn’t just stick off the end of his bunk but hung down all the way to the floor. I don’t want you to forget him, all right? I want you to see him there, looking up at the ceiling of his cell, weeping his silent tears, or putting his arms over his face. I want you to hear him, his sighs that trembled like sobs, his occasional watery groan. These weren’t the sounds of agony and regret we sometimes heard on E block, sharp cries with splinters of remorse in them; like his wet eyes, they were somehow removed from the pain we were used to dealing with. In a way—I know how crazy this will sound, of course I do, but there is no sense in writing something as long as this if you can’t say what feels true to your heart—in a way it was as if it was sorrow for the whole world he felt, something too big ever to be completely eased.

A great read thus far. Happy reading, y’all!