You may have already reviewed various online links for “Best of” and “Notable” book lists for this year. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably scanned through the lists in search of writers of color or for just a hint of diversity in general. Well, I’ve sorted through lists from Publishers Weekly, NY Times, NPR, and a couple of others to pull just such fiction titles of interest. Surprisingly, this year’s lists even include two Native American authors. Books by Junot Diaz, Toni Morrison, and Zadie Smith receive several mentions (especially Smith). Since I’ve already posted on most of these books this year, I’ve decided to only include the author/book images this round. So, forget the summaries (you can click on the images for that) and check out the titles below that best represent the type of diversity that often fails most “Best” and “Notable” lists:

Home by Toni Morrison


The Devil in Silver by Victor LaValle

The Round House by Louise Erdrich

Did I miss anybody? I’m excited to say that I’ve read 6 and own 4 of these titles. Where do you stand? Is there anybody that should have made the list? Maybe next year I can set an ambitious goal to read 100 books and then generate my own. Hmmm…

Happy reading, y’all!