Wednesday Wisdom: Edward P. Jones

“A man does not learn very well, Mr. Robbins. Women, yes, because they are used to bending with whatever wind comes along. A woman, no matter the age, is always learning, always becoming. But a man, if you will pardon me, stops learning at fourteen or so. He shuts it all down, Mr. Robbins. A log is capable of learning more than a man. To teach a man would be a battle, a war, and I would lose.”

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom: Edward P. Jones

    • After 100+ pages, I put this book down. I couldn’t focus and couldn’t get into it. I have enjoyed Jones short stories, but this novel wasn’t a favorite. Every now and then I consider re-reading it, but as soon as I see a bad review, I think twice.


  1. Want to read this one also Aunt Haggar’s Children is on my list. He is one of the writers on my long list of author’s.


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