I noticed that I didn’t do a Tuesday Teaser for my past three books! What a shame that is, especially since they all featured excerpts worthy of note. Here’s a teaser from Marcus Samuelson’s Yes, Chef.

Yes, Chef

Today in the dead of the night when I should be sleeping, I sometimes imagine the breath of the woman who not only gave me life, but delivered me from death. I sometimes reach into that tin by my stove and take a handful of berbere [a red-orange powder that’s a mix of garlic, ginger, and sundried chili], sift it through my fingers, and toss it into the pan. I watch my wife cook and I imagine that I can see my mother’s hands. I have taught myself the recipes of my mother’s people because those foods are for me, as a chef, the easiest connection to the mysteries of who my mother was. Her identity remains stubbornly shrouded in the past, so I feed myself and the people I love the food that she made. But I cannot see her face.

And I’m still in the beginning stages on this book, so I better get moving. Happy reading, y’all!