Black Superheroines: Martha Washington

Black Girl Nerd’s recently did on post on Twenty Super heroine’s of Color You’ve Never Heard of. As I scrolled the list, I hoped to see one in particular, but my girl was missing.

Growing up, my brother was the comic book fan and I typically lived in my fantasy world of tea parties, dolls, and dress-up. As an adult, however, I did come across one comic book character that blew my mind. When I’ve mentioned her to people, most seem unaware–but then again, these aren’t typically comic book fans either. Anyway, here’s a little on the origins of Martha Washington:

Martha lives with her mother and two brothers in the Cabrini Green projects in Chicago. They live in poverty. Though Martha is a decent student, she has a teacher who inspires her to try harder. When she discovers him murdered in his classroom, she’s able to distract and injure his killer, the Ice Man (the thug of a local crime lord, the Pope), who dies before he can catch her. Martha is placed in a psychiatric hospital, where she learns that children there are being experimented on, secretly, genetically altering their brains. She’s left homeless when budget cuts force the closure of the facility. She joins the PAX Peace Force, and that is where her adventures truly begin… (source)

I don’t have anything in particular to say about Martha, outside of this comic is definitely worth a read. It’s been awhile since I picked it up, but please believe my collection is secure in plastic sleeves. Check out a copy for yourself, and maybe I should also mention that the comics are written by Frank Miller who also penned several comics you should be familiar with, including Batman: The Dark Knight.

givemelibertyΒ  marthagoestowar marthasavesworld

Happy reading, y’all.


11 thoughts on “Black Superheroines: Martha Washington

    • You know, I never read graphic novels, but I should read a few this year. I always wanted to read the one by Mat Johnson. Hey, that would make a great future post–black graphic novels. Are they available on ereader and are they worth the read on ereaders? Hmmm…


      • No,no, no no Mam! You can’t read graphic novels on eReaders. That defeats the purpose. The idea is to savour the drawings, the story, the typography, and the layout. EReaders kill the joy, ma chΓ¨re! I tried to get Martha Washington but it would have to come from the US and would take too long. I want to read some graphic novels with black characters next month. There is one I have in mind that I like but I think I can only get it in French, but that’s ok. Get your graphic novel in book form and enjoy the hell out of the experience!! πŸ˜€


      • See, I’m in China right now, so my issue is similar to yours. I can’t get the books I really want to read unless it’s via ereader or unless I wait for long periods for shipments from the states (good luck with China Post). Boo.


      • Ever since you mentioned graphic novels, I’ve been online researching what I’d want to read.

        I teach English in China. I’ve been here since August! I know I don’t talk much about personal things on this blog. Maybe I will do a post on it.


      • It would be great to talk about what you’re doing. What you mind being featured on my blog in my new Teacher Feature rubric? I spotlight a teacher per month. It will also bring you some traffic to your blog. I’d provide you with some questions and you’d just have to answer and send me a pic of yourself. Think about it. πŸ™‚


      • Ok great! I’ll send you some questions about teaching. You’ll just have to send me the answers back with your picture. I’ll be sure to mention that you’re a wordpress blogger and make sure your link is there. Would you mind doing it for the 29th of January? If that’s ok. I’ll send you the questions on Monday.


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