Autobiography of Malcolm XWhen Spike Lee released the film “X,” based on The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Lee also raised my desire to read the book. In 1992, the book appeared on the New York Times bestseller list for 19 weeks. I hate to admit it, but I only read half the book. I was intrigued by Malcolm X’s transition, but I didn’t really get that far into it. Blame it on my being a young reader. Also inspired by the book and movie, I can remember telling my mother that I didn’t eat pork any more. She in turn went into the kitchen and made fried pork chops. I still eat pork to this day.

All that aside, we expect for most books to go through an editing process before reaching publication, but who knew The Autobiography of Malcolm X had three chapter omissions? I’m sure this is old news for some, but the chapters were auctioned off in the 90s for more than $100,000 to pay off the debts of the Alex Haley estate. In 2010, the chapters were added back to the book and shared at an event that commemorated the slain leader’s 85th birthday. More on this story at TheGrio. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a worthy excerpt from these chapters online. If you’re interested in reading about “10 Deleted Chapters That Transformed Famous Books,” check out Listverse.

Happy reading, y’all!