After I finished The Third Life of Grange Copeland, I knew I wanted to read more by Alice Walker, right away. While it’s been some time since I read The Color Purple, the characters both on page and screen are hard to forget. Such was the case with Third Life of Grange Copeland, and I’m now finding that Temple of My Familiar holds it’s own set of surprises as I continue forward. Here’s a teaser to spark your interest:

templefamiliarHer mother now made her living selling her incredibly beautiful feather goods to the cold little gringa blonde who had a boutique on the bottom floor of an enormous new hotel that sprung up near their village, seemingly overnight. Sometimes her mother stayed on the street near the hotel and watched the gringas who bought her feathered earrings, pendants, and shawls–and even priestlike headdresses–and wore them as they stamped up and down the narrow dusty street. They never glanced at her; they never, she felt, even saw her. On them her work looked magnificent still, but the wearers looked very odd.

I’m reading it slowly, but it’s not due to lack of interest. Happy reading, y’all!