Been such a long time. Over a year to be exact. I wouldn’t say that I’ve stopped reading because something like that would be unimaginable. I just don’t read fiction like I use to. I’m even ashamed to say that I’ve started several fiction books and put them down unfinished. I don’t know much about new releases or book news either. It’s a sad state of affairs.

But the good thing is, I have pre-teen students who harass me about reading. They ask me everyday why I haven’t finished Divergent and why I haven’t started Uglies. They tell me about their books and I watch as they bring countless paperbacks into my classroom eager to read given a moment’s chance. Even my family has asked about what I’m reading and I often rattle off some cookbook, self-help, or non-fiction title. Well, recently, a friend of mine mentioned that she planned to read 12 books in 3 months. I told her I’d turn off the television and join her for the challenge. Let’s see if I can keep my word. Of course, the hard part (besides the watching the idiot box and getting off the phone) is choosing what to read. I can never decide! I don’t even think I want to bother with the books I put down, but I feel kinda obligated.

I made a few updates to the blog for the sake of motivation. My iPad is fully loaded with tons of books. We shall see if I can keep up with this 3-month commitment. Send a kind word if you’re still out there.

Happy reading, y’all.