Black Panther Party: Book List

While doing research on the previous post, I came across this Black Panther Party book list. It seems that the titles mentioned were required reading for all members. I've read a few, but question whether some are still be relevant for today. I'm guessing that they've made new discoveries since the first publications of most... Continue Reading →

Black Panther Party: Writers Outside of a few documentaries and movies, I don't think I've read any books by former Black Panthers. Oh, of course I finished Assata's Autobiography. I wanted to know how she escaped, but didn't realize until the final pages that it wasn't in the book. Spoiler! I also started Soul on Ice and Angela... Continue Reading →

Hobbs: Robert Peace & Chosen Exile

I decided to catch up on a few NPR Books podcasts and author Allyson Hobbs made me want to read something again. Tales of passing have always held my interest, so it wasn't hard. I've seen Pinkie and both versions of Imitation of Life dozens of times (as if those are the qualifiers). So when... Continue Reading →

Maya Angelou: The Final Rise

There have been people in my life who meant me well, taught me valuable lessons, and others who have meant me ill and, have given me ample notification that my world is not meant to be all peaches and cream. I have made many mistakes and no doubt will make more before I die. When... Continue Reading →

What I’m Watching: Black & Sexy TV

  Someone recently sent me a Facebook message about videos at While I was told to begin with "PuNanny Diaries," I ended up relating to and fangirling the webseries "Finding My Obama." This led to my search for more online black series and eventual viewing of every episode of "Black and Single," "Yellow," and... Continue Reading →

Inspired by Art: Misan Sagay’s Belle My fiction writing is often inspired by old photographs. I search the internet--eBay even--and gather a few images that inspire a story in my mind and I go from there. With the current release of the film Belle, I found interest in the fact that the film was inspired by a painting of, as... Continue Reading →

Colson Whitehead: ZZ Packer & Kevin Young With the release of his new book, The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky, and Death, Colson Whitehead did a comical Q&A for The New York Times. Read a quick snippet and add a new book to your reading list: What books are currently on your night stand? I’ve been dipping into “Book of Hours,”... Continue Reading →

Anika Noni Rose: “And I read a lot!” After watching Anika Noni Rose play in The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, there was never any doubt in my mind that she could take on an African dialect. But who knew that she attended Florida A&M University? I'm a Florida State grad, so I consider FAMU a sort of cousin school. In this... Continue Reading →

Toni Morrison: Chipotle Cups

A Facebook friend of mine posted that she is disappointed that Chipotle didn't feature any Hispanic authors for their new selection of  paperbag/cup readings. I commented that it might be a good thing since, after all, I don't want to read a Toni Morrison story while I'm doing my Popeye's or KFC fingerlickin'. Low and... Continue Reading →

Stephen King: The N-Word

  When I finished Carrie, I was truly interested in picking up Cujo next, but decided to read something else instead. At a certain point during my Carrie read, I paused to consider whether King is racist. After all, this is my third book by King that makes some sort of, in my eyes, unnecessary... Continue Reading →

Octavia Butler: New Release In the spirit of Tupac, Octavia Butler will soon release new works from the grave, aptly titled Unexpected Stories. With plans to release the title in digital formats only, Walter Mosley pens the introduction for this 2-story book. Read on for more: The novella “A Necessary Being” showcases Octavia E. Butler’s ability to create... Continue Reading →

Tea Cake Made Me Do It: Their Eyes Were Watching God

I've attempted to read Their Eyes Were Watching God (TEWWG) numerous times through the years. In a number of ways, I just don't think I was ever really ready--as a reader or as a woman. However, this time around, I finished the book in one sitting. Sure, my inspiration was seeing Michael Ealy play Tea... Continue Reading →

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